High Bounce Complete 22″ Skateboard

Best Skateboard For Beginners In 2019

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Top 5 Best Skateboard For Beginners Reviews In 2019

1. High Bounce Complete 22″ Skateboard

One of the most desired skateboard in the market right now is the High Bounce Complete 22″ Skateboard. Several online platforms have declared it one of the best skateboards ever to exist on the face of the earth. Although it is low in price, this Skateboard comes with features equal to even the most expensive and highly regarded skateboards and penny boards currently in the market.

High Bounce Complete 22
High Bounce Complete 22″ Skateboard (Black)

The specifications of the product include smooth PU wheels with ABEC -7 bearings. The board can support the weight up to 85kg and measures just 22” x 6”. Both girls and boys love the product because the company offers the skateboard in various colors and styles. This particular type of board is extremely attractive and aesthetically pleasing because all the colors are really eye–catching. The design of the board is smartly constructed unlike the traditional boards which have cheap graphics and stickers pasted on them.

High Bounce complete stands out from the clutter because it durable, long lasting and does not require too much learning. This well built skateboard is ideal for children below the age of 12 who are learning how to skateboard. However, teenagers and young adults can also use it in order to perform tricks and for peaceful cruising. It is also one of the most portable products as it can easily fit in a bag.

High Bounce is also popular for its high quality aluminum axles which give users more control while riding the board. Although the competition is really tough in the skateboard market right now, high bounce has been able to attract customers with its great customer care and after-sales services. This is why this 22″ Skateboard is greatly respected by various customers in the market. Positive word of mouth for the product can be clearly seen by checking out various online platforms which have rated it highly on all sorts of various features such as performance, weight, durability, etc.

It must be noted that High Bounce Complete Skateboard is made in a Penny board style. Such boards are made from plastic and not that wide or long compared to traditional boards. They are just great for getting the rider to its planned destination faster than larger wooden boards. It is exactly made in a Penny board style which allows riders to glide on it for long distances. The only difference is that it gives same high quality penny board features at a far more affordable price. Making it a great gift and a solid alternative to a penny board.

This model is being offered at a great price and shipping offers by Amazon currently. If you are planning to purchase the product soon, we recommend that you place the order while the discount offer is still active. High bounce complete 22″ Skateboard is a great gift idea for birthday, graduation and holiday gift for die heart skateboard fans. It is easily portable, light and breezy and handles nicely for beginners and seasoned boarders alike. Comes with our top recommendation.

2. Yocaher Pro Blank Complete Skateboard – Natural woods

Yocaher Pro Blank Complete Skateboard - Natural woods (Assembled, 8.0
Yocaher Pro Blank Complete Skateboard – Natural woods (Assembled, 8.0″)

Yocaher Blank Complete Skateboard is the choice for many skaters because it has a great functionality and also comes within anyone’s budget. It has topped many online polls for being an awesome board for people who are learning to skate. Some seasoned skaters also tend to use the product and are quite satisfied with it as well.

Yocaher Blank Complete Skateboard is a 40inch pintail which can be used for recreational and transportation purposes. Some people who are planning skateboarding for the first time should go for this product because it is not expensive and provides all the functions you could possibly look for. The company has made sure that no cheap materials are used for the construction of the board. Beware of the cheap materials which include cheap plastic or woods existed in the skateboards. Yocaher Blank Complete Skateboard is a value product because it features genuine parts from the deck, truck to wheels. The specifications of this excellent board include 71mm Wheels, Alloy trucks and Abec 5 bearings. The board also comes with a grip tape and weighs only 9 pounds.

The wheels of Yocaher Blank Complete Skateboard are quite appreciate in the market because they are soft and can endure a lot of stress. Softer wheels give more grip to the rider. Such wheels are efficient on various rough terrains as well. If you purchase the board, it will surely not disappoint you as it provides smooth ride for cruising, downhill and rough surfaces.

The Abec bearings of the board are also important for a great skateboarding experience. Generally, higher the Abec rating of the bearing, the more accurate the bearings will be. Abec 5 rating of the bearing shows that the skateboard bearings are great for cruising, commuting and board walking.

With every purchase of this item users get a grip tape and a riser pad. The grip tape is a gritty sandpaper that is applied on the top of the skateboard to ensure that the rider stays safe while he is performing tricks. It is also used to ensure traction. The grip tape present on the Yocaher Blank Complete Skateboard also helps the rider to ride the skateboard fast. The riser pad on the other hand is usually a flat plastic pad that raises the board. It is mounted between the truck and the deck so that the space between the two can be increased. Moreover the risers help to prolong the life of Yocaher Blank Complete Skateboard and also help to avoid any form of wipe outs and scratches.

We highly recommend this particular variant from Yocaher, who are an exceptional brand in the world of skateboards and longboards, for people who are looking for a sport that will help relieve stress. This sport is also known to help take your mind off things, increase your fitness and more. Moreover, Skateboarding also provides an opportunity for youngsters to take calculated risks. They learn how to practice and be patient. Learning skateboarding takes a lot of skills and it takes both time and practice to become professional at those.

3. Sun Boards 22″ Complete Mini Skateboard Colorful Decks and Wheels – Great For Beginners and Kids

Skateboard (Black Deck w/Green Wheels)
Skateboard (Black Deck w/Green Wheels)

Sun Boards 22″ Skateboard is great for people who are planning to try skateboarding for the first time, or for more seasoned boarders who have been doing it for years. Skateboarding has gained popularity over the years and many companies have launched various products to cater to the rising trend. However there are only certain brands that offer supreme quality and functionality. This Penny Board style of skateboard is one of the better ones on the market and has almost universally been well reviewed.

Sun Boards 22″ Skateboard is ready to be used once it is purchased and requires no assembly. We only recommend building custom skateboards to those who know what they want and are seasoned skaters. The board has Urethane wheels and Abec 7 bearings. Most of the bearings are measured in Abec rating. The higher the rating the most precise the bearing will be. Since Sun Boards 22″ Skateboard has a rating of Abec 7 which means that the bearings are very fast and smooth. However they can be a little expensive, which make this a great option and has a real sign of quality.

The Sun Boards 22″ Skateboard also has a strong grip. It is normally a gritty, sand paper style material that is applied with adhesive to the top of the skateboard, but this is a pattern inbuilt within the board as it is manufactured. The aim of the grip tape is to ensure that rider’s feet are secure and the grip mean that they can more easily perform tricks. The usual color of the grip tape is black but some skateboards have multi colored grip tapes which help to brighten and provide texture to the board.

Users who have bought this product are totally in love with it. They recommend Sun Boards 22″ Skateboard to all the new users because they believe it’s a great board which comes within one’s budget. Customers claim that the skateboard is really robust and really long lasting.

This product can be gifted to both adults and children. Users, who have purchased this fantastic product, also invest in safety gears so that the rider stays safe during skateboarding. Online retailer websites like amazon.com and eBay are offering attractive discounts on Sun Boards 22″ Skateboard. If you desire to have this product in the near future, we recommend that you should check these websites before the purchase. Amazon.com is also providing free shipment to their loyal users within US.

People who have opted for Sun Boards 22″ Skateboard believe that it has helped them have a healthy lifestyle. Skateboarding allows both children and adults to go outside and also get some fresh air, and is great fun whatever your age. Users who are loyal to Sun Boards 22″ Skateboard also claim that ever since they have started skateboarding, their ankles and body has become more flexible. Skateboarding is one those sports that allow the whole body to work out and move. If you start skateboarding, we assure you that you will have enhanced physical endurance and a healthier outlook towards life. Skateboarding also teaches riders to align their motions perfectly.

If you are looking for a sport that will burn calories, then skateboarding can do that for you as well. An average skater loses between 150-500 calories/hour depending on the intensity of the skate. Moreover, Skateboarding will also help you relieve stress. This sport is known to help you take your mind off things.

4. ELEMENT Skateboards SECTION Complete SKATEBOARD Black 


Skateboarding is one of the most sought after and fun sports, used for enjoyment alone or with friends, and also to stay fit. People consider skateboarding as a part of their own identity; therefore they are looking for the best board that will keep them happy and satisfied. Many companies have launched various skateboards in the market which aim to attract such skaters, however not all companies deliver excellent customer satisfaction, so we’re trying to bring you the best of the bunch here on A Happy Medium.

The Element Section Complete SKATEBOARD is the perfect product for people who are planning to learn skating or for the ones who are already refined and capable at his sport. This skateboard can be used for skateboarding and also for transportation. Since it is light weight, it can be carried from one place to another under your arm all day without issue. The deck of this board is made from thrift wood which provides durability at a low cost. People have gifted the skateboard to their sons and daughters as a starter board. They claim that it is a great brand and components are wonderful too. The specifications of the Section include 7.5 deck size and 50mm Element section wheels. The users don’t need to assemble the product after the purchase as it comes fully assembled, which makes it an awesome choice for starters who don’t want to mess around with this kind of thing.

Element skateboards have been ranked as the top favorite on many online platforms. This is because they have high quality and functionality as compared to the other brands. Moreover, since the company feels that it needs to be environment friendly, it only makes use of thrift wood decks. The design of the ELEMENT SECTION Complete SKATEBOARD is interesting too as they make use of simple, crisp clean imagery with complementary colors.

The deck size is 7.75 x31.5. Wider decks are known to provide greater stability and sport while ramp skating. Usually the standard decks are around 28 inches long. Since it is a skateboard and not a longboard, the Element Section falls below the 36+ inches.

This board also comes with a Black diamond Grip tape. Grip tape is basically a sheet of paper with adhesive on one side. This ensures that the rider stays on the board and doesn’t slip while doing tricks. The grip tape of this skateboard is black but it may also come in various colors depending on the design of the skateboard.

It is highly recommended that users who are purchasing should also invest in gloves, wrist guards and elbow pads to protect themselves during skateboarding. Special footwear is also available for skateboard lovers. If you want to purchase ELEMENT SECTION Complete SKATEBOARD, then you must also invest in protective helmet. The helmet is known to cover the forehead, ears and the back of the skull.

Many online retailer websites like EBay and Amazon are offering interesting discounts and offers on ELEMENT SECTION Complete SKATEBOARD. Do check out these websites to get access to interesting offers. Amazon.com is also providing free shipment within US. In case you want to inquire something from the company, Element ensures that all queries are taken seriously and they are always present for their customers.

5. Roller Derby RD Street Series Skateboard – RDB-20

Roller Derby Street Series Square Skateboard
Roller Derby Street Series Square Skateboard

One of the most sought after pieces of sports equipment is a skateboard. People have loved skateboarding because it is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Many People enjoy it because they feel it’s a great way to exercise and improve agility, balance and hand eye coordination.

The much coveted Roller Derby Roller Street series is one of the most popular skateboard available in the market right now. It consists of 9-Ply laminated hardwood and 5-inch Aluminum trucks. It also has PU wheels which are 50mm x 30mm. Customers have found this skateboard ideal for giving as a gift to teenagers or even children. It has a body that can withstand any pressure making it a very durable skateboard. This skateboard is affordable, and a great option for beginners. This board is very supportive and can teach the users how to maintain their balance.

Roller Derby believes in giving customers best experience within their budgets. They promise to deliver value and quality experience through their products. Roller Derby Roller street series Skateboard – RDB 20 has received high rating on all the online retailer websites. Many Online retailers like Amazon and eBay have this product readily available. Most of these online retailers are offering a really great price on Roller Derby Roller Street Series Skateboard – RDB 20, which is already on the more affordable end of the market.

There are two ways to buy a skateboard. Either you can assemble the product or get a complete product. Beginners should always go for the complete skateboard, and when you get to the stage where you know what you’re doing, you can start to assemble yourself. Roller Derby Roller Street Series Skateboard – RDB 20 have great wheels that help children try out new tricks. If your skateboard has small wheels then it will allow deck spin. Hard street wheels are good for sliding on surfaces. The truck is wide of this skateboard which makes Roller Derby Roller Street Series Skateboard – RDB 20 a stable ride.

If you wish to purchase RB-20, you may look into various safety gears as well. These safety gears are essential for securing your loved ones. Safety gears are also an important requirement in various skate parks and competitions. Gifting the gears to the children will help them learn the basics of keeping themselves safe while skating.

Gloves, wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads are important padding gears for Skateboarding. They can be bought from the stores or even through online retailers. Make sure the helmet you buy for the RDB 20 covers the forehead, ears and the back of the skull. Special footwear is also available for skateboard lovers. These shoes help the rider move quickly and easily.

If you are planning to buy this board then you must keep in mind the physical attributes of the person for whom you are buying it for. The physical outlook is important as it will help determine the type of the board needed. The board should be such that fits both the height and weight. In conclusion, this is an excellent, ready-made skateboard which is on the market at a superb price whether you’re just getting started or already know your stuff.

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