What are the factors you should consider when picking out a set of skateboard wheels and which one is ultimately going to be the best choice for you? Today we’re going to go over the options available and make sure you have all the information you need to make a perfect choice. First off, I want to make it clear that the differences among skateboard wheels sold today are a lot more about personal preference than quality.


Pretty much every wheel you can buy today is going to be made out of the same hard plastic called polyurethane, but they’ll vary in size, shape, and hardness.


So the size of your wheels is going to determine how well your board responds in various situations, including rolling over bumps and cracks in the concrete, making sharp turns, achieving high top speed, and performing flip tricks. Smaller wheels are generally preferred by street skaters since it overall makes their board a little bit lighter, which gives them the ability to manipulate it more easily and allows them to perform tricks that would otherwise not be possible.

Small wheels are also a great choice for someone just getting into skateboarding since they have a lower top speed and they can keep you a little bit safer as start rolling down some of the taller hills and ramps.

Larger skateboard wheels, on the other hand, are generally preferred by transition skaters, including vert skaters, and those that use their board as a means of transportation, since they get stuck on things like rocks, pebbles, and cracks much less easily and allow you to roll at a faster top speed. For more information on how a larger wheel allows you to roll at a faster speed, you can read more about it in the description below. As you start to increase the size of your wheels, keep in mind that you may need to invest in a set of risers to put in between your trucks and your board, right here, to increase the distance between the top of the wheel and the bottom of the board, so that you don’t get wheel bite.

2. Hardness

Skateboard wheel hardness is measured on a scale called ‘durometer,’ and most commonly ranges from values of 78a to 3 points over 101a, which is technically the limit for the ‘a’ scale for measuring hardness, and which is why wheel manufacturers like Bones have adopted the ‘b’ scale, which is essentially the same scale but with the values at 20 points below their ‘a’ scale equivalent.

Wheels at the lower end of the spectrum are a good choice for skaters who intend to use their board purely for riding and aren’t interested in doing any tricks since softer wheels will provide you with a smoother and quieter ride. For this reason, softer wheels are found on almost all filmer boards and cruisers.

If, on the other hand, you plan on using your skateboard to perform tricks, you’ll almost certainly want to choose a wheel with a durometer of 99a or higher, since a wheel with that hardness is able to be slid along the concrete without being immediately destroyed, and will allow you to travel at a higher top speed due to the decrease in rolling friction.

3. Shape.

Wheel shape will almost definitely not be a limiting factor for you in your first year of skateboarding, so, while there are a lot of variations in a wheel shape, as long as you get something that looks fairly standard, you should be perfectly happy with whatever you end up getting. As you become more advanced, my advice would be to try to pick a wheel shape that the manufacturer suggests is a good choice for the style of skating that you do. Street wheels are usually thinner and more maneuverable, while transition wheels usually have a wider area touching the concrete to provide extra stability and traction at high speeds and while cornering.

So, to summarize all of this information, I’ve added a section in the description below that gives my top wheel recommendation for every type of skating, including street skating, transition skating, vert skating, filming, cruising, one for beginners, and one that’s good all around

B. Recommendation


This is the 50mm. 50mm is the measurement on the wheel, then we’re also going to have a durometer. Durometer is going to tell us the hardness and softness of the wheel. As far as this wheel’s profile, this is considered a standard street skating profile wheel. When I say profile, I mean the look and feel around the outside of the wheel. The 50mm is one of the smallest sizes that most shops will carry. I’ve seen these go down to 46. When you get down to that size you’re basically looking at a bearing cover. The bearing goes right in here. You can imagine that if this were to get smaller, it would just be like a bearing cover.

Another size that is a lot more popular and more commonly used is the 56. The main difference between the two sizes, these are the same hardness. This wheel here is better for technical, low-level skate tricks, not too common with guys really bombing hills or riding in bowls or parks.


What I was talking about with power slide and gripping this soft wheel, this is a Schutt wheel, 57mm, and an 85a. The 85a is the durometer. 80, 78 is a real soft durometer. And the durometer on the hard wheels is about 95 and over; it goes up to 101 with the Spits and they are extremely hard whereas this one is super soft, a little more cruiser-style, better for entry level. If you’re learning how to push, I highly recommend a soft wheel.

3. Filmer style wheel- highly recommended for beginners

With the wheel size, when it comes to this Filmer wheel, for the new person into skating, I highly recommend this 57mm. 57, 58, something under 60. You’ll also have to compensate the wheel size for when you have to step off the board to push, so it will bring your center of gravity lower to the ground so you can get a better push and be more stable while skating.

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Today, we can see that skateboarding is not only a famous sport with many professionals and tournaments, but it is also a huge industry to make profit. We all know what’s skateboarding is but we may not know its history, how it has evolved. In this post, I would like to give you a brief history of skateboarding.


Surfers in California got the idea to surf concrete instead of sea, so they invented skateboarding. The first skateboard seemed to be an invention without any plan, it was just the spontaneous idea of surfers at that time. The material used for the first board is wood. Roller skate wheels are attached on the bottom. The riders took it to the street. They appeared with long shaggy hair.You can imagine the faces of people who saw it for the first time. Must be very funny.

In 1963, the popularity of skateboarding was at its peak. Companies such as Jack’s, Hobie, and Makaha began to have the intense competitions consisting of Downhill Slalom and Freestyle where skaters like Torger Johnson, Woody Woodward and Danny Berer paved the way for future skaters.

However, in 1965, the interest in skateboarding suddenly stopped. People considered it as a temporary hobby. Some skaters who had the true desire with this sport continued to play and create homemade boards. One of the reasons that maybe believed to be the root of the collapse of skateboarding is its safety. Many people found skating very dangerous because it caused many injuries. In my opinion, the clay wheels were the reasons for the unsafety.


The invention of urethane wheels by Frank Nasworthy in 1972 helped skateboarding to make its magical comeback. Everything changed for skateboarding .

Frank founded the company named Cadillac Wheels. In 1975, skateboarding got the needed boost. A slalom and freestyle competition was held at the Ocean Festival in Del Mar, California. The Zephyr team showed the world what skateboarding could be .

The way they rode, the way they played with the skates had never been seen in public, it created an maximum excitement in all spectators. They could ride so smoothly and skillfully that skateboarding started to be seen as something serious but pastime. There were many members in the Zephyr team, but you may only notice some outstanding skaters: Tony Alva, Jay Adams, and Stacy Peralta.

In 1978, Alan Gelfand, also known as Ollie created a maneuver that gave skateboarding a breakthrough, an iconic jump in skateboarding. He slam his back foot down on the tail of his board and jump, then popping himself and the board into the air. The Ollie was born. The trick gave skateboarding a revolution.

It was so iconic that when we talk about skateboarding, we will definitely think of Ollie. In 2002, Gelfand was inducted into the skateboard hall of fame. Until today, the trick still bears his name.

With the outbreak of many skaters and many manufacturers in the skateboarding industry, as a result, at the end of 1970s , many public skateparks were built. However, they must faced with high insurance rates because of the dangerous factors which can cause injuries of skateboarding.

1980s and 1990s

Skateboarding continued to become as the anti-establishment subculture that we know it today. More and more people found their passion with this sport. They started to build their own ramps in their backyards. The local construction companies began to notice that their plumber was taken away.

Apart from the ramps skaters built in their backyards, they saw the world as a huge skatepark, they started to skate on streets. To cope with the obstacles on streets, skateboard companies invented many new shapes of board.

An invention in the 1980s played an important role in skateboarding history. It was the VHS. George Powell and Stacey Peralta’s Bones Brigade team started to recorded videos as a way to teach kids around the world the fundamental and also professional things and tricks in skateboarding. The team consisted of Steve Caballero, Tony Hawk, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain, Rodney Mullen, Stacy Peralta, and Kevin Staab.

In the early 90s skateboarding rose again and it found some common factors with punk music. Skaters wanted to wear in style like punk music singers. In 1995, ESPN held its first Extreme Games in Rhode Island.

These first X Games were a huge success and brought skateboarding closer to mainstream and closer to be accepted by the general population. In 1997, the first winter X Games were held, and the world knew another classification of sports- the “Extreme Sports”

2000s and Now

Attention in the media and products like skating video games, skateparks everywhere, advertisements have all provided skateboarding with the benefits to go into the mainstream easily.

Many companies were founded. They manufactured not only boards but they also made things related to skateboarding such as: clothes, posters, accessories…The judgment that skaters being criminals and rebellious people began to faded away. The X-Games continued to become more and more popular. More money is put into this game to keep it innovating and inventing.

One significant factor that made skateboarding more and more popular and widely accepted is that It can make real money and it became to be a billion-dollar industry. Furthermore, the prize for winning a skating contest is very huge. The winner can get thousand dollars.

Kids these days realize that they don’t have to strive to become a doctor to lawyer to make money. They still follow their passion to earn their living like other professtional sport athletes. Other companies can take advange of the outbreak of skateboarings, especially fashion brands such as: Diamond Supply Co, Hurley, Vans and RVCA. Skateboarding lifestyle became another industry

Now, skateboarding is still evolving, it doesn’t stop because this sport is an individual activity and it requires both skills and creativity. Skaters are coming up with many new tricks, new styles. Companies try to make boards lighter, strongers. They don’t hesitate pouring money to find more reliable materials for making skateboards.

In conclusion, skateboarding nowadays has many meanings. To a group of people, it’s just a sport, a pastime. To another group, it’s the chance to make fortune. But to people who have spent time reading this post, skateboarding to them is a religion.

Getting to Know the Different Types of Skateboards
It has been a long time from the first day of skateboards game. Skaters and companies have come up with many materials, shapes for making skateboards available for riding with flexibility and reliability. As a result, skaters nowadays have a wide range of options before deciding to buy a skateboard. There are so many types of them. You may be overwhelming if you don’t know exactly which types fit you most. This post may help you a little bit.

1. Freestyle Skateboard

If you are a beginner of this game, you should consider choosing freestyle skateboard as your first skateboards. Freestyle skateboarding is known as a skateboarding style. It demands that you incorporate tricks and footwork on a flat ground.

This type of skateboard can be seen as the oldest type of skateboarding. It mainly requires skaters to do technical flat ground skateboarding. Play freestyle doesn’t mean you need only smooth and flat surface or skateboard. Doing some skillful movements or matching your performance with good music also matters.

A skateboard with a deck having comfortable size will be the best choice if you want to try this. In other case, you want to emphasize on flipping the board around, you should choose a narrower and shorter board. But your focus is on footwork, wide and long board would be the best for you.

Everything has its good sides and the opposite, so do these boards. Small boards are easy to control but they are not stable. Large boards have stability but you will find difficulty taking full control of it.

2. Slalom Skateboard
Slalom skateboard relates to a kind of downhill skateboard racing. Although it appeared during the 1960s and 1970s, it gained popularity during the 2000s. Being a slalom skateboarder means you will need skate down a course often marked with cones made of plastic.

The rule of this game is easy to follow. You have to finish the course at the fastest time you can try while try to limit the number of cones you take down. Each cones taken down will add an amount of time to your runtime as a penalty. To win the race, you should try to find the best slalom skateboard which can increase your speed, traction and turning.

Wheels of slalom skateboard are usually larger and sofer than that of other skateboards. These feature will be useful to boost the grip and speed of the wheels. The boards are often longer than other skateboards’board. Foam and carbon fiber cores are used to make the boards stronger and more responsive.

3. Downhill skateboard

The fundamental thing you should know about downhill skateboards is that they are designated to satisfy skaters who want to ride with high speed. As a result, when we think of downhill skateboarding, we will refer it to a sport which requires excellent skill and precision.

Before deciding to get into downhill skateboarding, there are a lot of skills you have to master first, such as: sliding, drifting, air braking, know how to make a full stop when you need. And remember that reflexes are very important because conditions change very fast when you ride downhill.

Being a professional form of skateboarding is the reason why downhill riding requires unique equipments. The best skateboards and longboards you can use for this type of skating are drop-platform, top-mount, and the drop-through.
Stiff decks are usually used for downhill skateboards. The wheelbase size is ranging from 29 to 32 inches. Sometimes, the boards have concave from to prevent your feet from slipping too far either backward or forward

4. Vert skateboard

Vert skateboarding can be seen in many skating contest and maybe the most well-known form of skateboarding. It’s all about riding skateboard on vertical walls, skate ramps or other incline.

This kind of skateboarding requires skaters to ride from horizontal to the vertical plane as a way to perform some tricks. You should take notice that although this kind of skating can give you a lot of excitement and fun moments, it may harm you by causing injuries. So you must be sure that you get used to this kind of skating.

Before trying vert skateboarding, you have to master the basic skills, such as: pushing, cruising, carving. Besides, you have to balance your finance to purchase the best skateboard suitable with this skating type. The board should have wide deck, large wheels to provide the stability.

5. Street skateboard

Street skateboarding means transitions and tricks often done in public places. To be a street skateboarder, you should be willing to skate in plazas, industrial areas, urban streets.

Things which are not made for sport should be used in your performance, such as: picnic tables, park benches, handrails, guardails, stairs, bins, planter boxers,…Decks suitable for this sport should be narrower than usual decks. Wheels should be around 48-55mm. With the size of these decks and wheels , you will find it easier to flip the board and then spin it. Another thing you have to take note is that you have to use polyurethane wheels to provide extreme hardness.

Despite the hardness, the size of the wheels should be small to make sure that the board is lighter to bring around and tricks can be done faster and more precisely

6. Park Skateboard

Park skateboarding is a type of skateboarding that skaters ride in parks which are built for skating only

In parks for skating, you may find features that appear in vert skateboarding. The parks have street obstacles such as rails or stairs. Such elements produces more fun and excitement.

If you are below five feet and four inches, a 29-inch board will suit you best. If you are taller than that, you have to use a board which is at least 32 inches

A large board will be more stable. Furthermore, it provide more room for you to land more effectively

The best type of wheel for park skateboard is small wheels because they will help you to perform your tricks better. You should choose wheels size range from 51 to 55mm, but they have to have a hard durometer.

7. Pool skateboard

From the name, you can imagine what this sport is. Pool skateboard involves skating on a pool. It is an interesting sport that you should try. Not all types of skateboard can be used to participate in this game. You have to choose the right type.

A wide skateboard would be the best choice for this game, the width must be around 8.5 inches. It is ideal to choose wide skateboard because it will give you the stability while riding and make sure that your ride be smooth.

Please note that pool skateboards must handle a huge pressure from landings and sometimes it take beatings. So as a precaution, you should use wide board

15 to 18 inches wheelbase would be the best choice for pool skateboard

8. Cruising skateboard

Cruising may be the most simple style of skating. This sport only requires that you travel as quickly as possible on any terrains but there are usually flat and smooth places such as: skate parks, general-urban areas and ramps. This game is simple because you can ride without doing tricks, but it’s difficult to ride without stopping or touching the surface.

The best skateboard for this kind of skating is board that is wider than the general. Wheels are made out of rubber.

9. Off-road skateboard

To take part in this sport, you must have a skateboard which is designated for every terrains, not only on a pavement. A skateboard suitable for off-road can work effectively on gravel, hard-packed sand and dirt.

You don’t have to try to find skateboard made for off-road. You can use regular skateboard, but you have to replace the normal wheels with larger wheels which are made of rubberto make sure that they will work good on tough surfaces.

An unique feature of this type is its brake. You can easily stop when find out that you have to face with dangerous terrains. This feature can not be found in any types of skateboard.

10. Electric skateboard

Being the latest kind of skateboard, electric skateboards stand as an example for the mix of modern and classic. Electric skateboards make the sport more fun and exciting.

There is an outstanding electric skateboard I want to suggest you if you want to take one for a totally new experience. The Onewheel, as its name, this skateboard has only one wheel. You can fold this skateboard for carrying it around. It is very suitable for people who always have to be on the move but still keen on skating.

To conclude, If you are really interested in the skating game, there will be many options for you to try and they absolutely give you more experiences of this game. It may take your time but it’s worth trying.

However, be sure that you find the appropriate skateboard for each types. If you don’t , you may get injuries or even more serious accidents.

Comment which types of skateboard you focus on to have more friends with the same interest. Like and shareif you find this article helpful and interesting. Hope to see you guys next time


Top 10 Best Electric Skateboards In 2019

Nowadays, we are living in a world of technology. High-tech things appear in every aspect of our life, such as Education, Medical, Entertainment…Skateboarding is not the opposite. The glaring example is that we are now having electric skateboards.
In this article, I would like to make a top 10 list about electric skateboards for you guys. Let’s start!

1. Airwheel M3 Electric Skateboard

This skateboard is so unique. It has special wheels which are produced to cope with all terrains so they allow the skateboard to work well even on grass. You may mistake it as a toy car.

The deck of this skateboard is hand-made. It has nearly no learning curve. You will find riding this board can’t be easier. The remote is easy to use, you can go forward and backward with no obstacle. What’s more, it provides you with stable speed. In case you do not want to use the remote, you can download an app. This app is developed for this electric skateboard only to harness its best.

Battery life of Airwheel M3 is impressive, you can have a ride for 10 miles before taking it back home and charge. An incline up to 15 degrees is the limit for this skate to climb. 12 MPH maybe not the fastest speed but it is still useful for you to cruise.

The most outstanding of this electric skate is that it can be personalized. You buy it with pieces, you will put them together by yourself. As a result, you will know what are its components, which is suitable for your skating purpose and customize it.

2. Acton Blink Lite Skateboard

This board has another name-Street surfer. You can take this one for off-road purpose because of its special wheels. You only need to charge it after going around with it for 15 miles.

The LED lights on the front and the back prevent you from being hit by other vehicles while riding at night. Additionally, the LED lights work as a notification about what’s going on with your skate. You can adjust your speed with a remote. The maximum speed is over 19MPH.

The remote has a sensor that can define whether you are having it by your side or not. If you don’t have it closed, the skate will stop immediately. With this feature, you will unlikey to lose control of your board and get an accident. A power switch that will automatically shut off when the overheating problem is happening.

3. Evolve skateboards – Carbon GT Series electric skateboard

This board can handle up to 120 pounds, so it is most suitable for older children or smaller adults. It will definitely be an awesome gift for your brothers who are teenagers taking part into skthe ating game.

The speed of it is up to 10 MPH. Its 100w motor allows you to use it for nearly 40 minutes without charge. The remote has a simple design that you will find it convenient to keep track and control your speed and brakes

4. Backfire G2S Electric longboard

This electric skateboard is not a really good one, but the reason why I put it on this list is that it has the best customer service I’ve ever seen.

It has a retro outlook, a 1200 watt motor, tires made from rubber improve its performance on pavement and on some off-road terrains.

The remote of Backfire G2S has Bluetooth connection, so the board and the remote always have a solid connection. The flashlight on the remote help you to know where it is and what you are doing.

The speed is up to 20mph. You have to charge it after 20 miles of riding. Charging It to the full battery may take you around 4 hours.
5. Hiboy S22 electric skateboard

The feature that makes this skateboard special is that its appearance is different from any other electric skateboards you have seen before. It looks like normal skateboard because all the electric components are covered by black metal on the bottom of the board.

There are two 1800 watt motors and each one is placed on each side of the board. The dual motors make this board’s speed go up to more than 20 Mph. The maximum weight it can carry is around 250 pounds.

It has a rechargeable remote and a handle for you to carry around. The best thing about this board is that it looks like a regular longboard so it won’t gain people’s attention in case you don’t want that happens.

6. Boosted boards dual 2000w

This board has the 38-inch size so you don’t have to worry about the room. It can travel 22 mph- a comparatively fast speed.

To make this board, the manufacturer spends a huge amount of time looking for materials. The deck is made from bamboo which is environmentally-friendly.

Composite plastic wheels are stronger than regular plastic wheels. This electric board is equipped with strong computer chips and a long-life battery. 7 miles is the distance for one charge. It has two speeds: the first one is 10 mph, the second one is 22 mph. Remember that you have to master the 10 mph first before accelerating.

You can control this board with a remote or an app. Surfaces which are suitable to ride this board on are pavement or concrete areas. You should consider terrains to ride it on for the sake of its durability.

7. Koowheel D3M 2nd generation electric longboard

This board is not flashy but it has some specifications for people not to ignore it. In general, its outlook is cool with bright wheels and casual design. Its 1200-watt motor is very powerful. Its distance this board can go after one charge is up to 17 miles. Koowheel can go up hills or incline that is nearly 30 degrees.

Maple is the material for this deck, many layers of maple. The device can reach a speed of 20 mph. It can withstand 245 pounds and can be controlled effectively by using a remote. The remote can slow down the board, accelerate or brake.

Despite all of these powerful features, its weight is only 10 pounds, can’t be lighter to carry around

The parts are covered in metal and hardly anyone can tell whether it is an electric board or not if he doesn’t give serious attention.

The road will be the best surface to keep Koowheel last for long. Don’t try to use it in tough terrains.

8. Muttus premium electric skateboard
This skateboard is constructed mainly for kids. It best suits children at 8 and above so its features and design are not as impressive as electric models for adults.

Because it is made for kids, the maximum speed for it can go up to 6 mph. This board can handle less than 145 pounds. There are 3 levels of speed you can choose to use. To pick your favored speed, you have to use the remote. Although Muttus is made for children, it is still strong because of the alloy trucks.

20 pounds is its weight. It seems to be too heavy for a child to carry it, so he will need help if he wants to carry it. Take note that if you give this skate to your children as a gift, you should supervise them while they are riding.

9. Onewheel electric skateboard

Basically, the Onewheel is an electric skateboard on which you balance on a single rubber wheel. What is special about this skate is that it has a self-balancing sensor. However, it will take your time to find out how this balancing works.

To go fast, you lean forward and to slow down, you lean backward. Remember that if you tend to lean back while standing still, you will reverse. Turning is another thing you have to learn. Keep in mind that you have to keep leaning forward while you are turning

The app developed for this board will help you to know the battery life, find your comfort levels. After 20 minutes of charging, you can use it for up to 6 hours. The maximum speed is 15 mph. Onewheel is 25 lbs in weight

10. Maxfield electric skateboard
Maxfield’s board is a powerful electric longboard with a 38 inches long deck and big wheels. The deck’s sply adds steadiness to the ride and helps stabilize the skateboard. The top speed of it is 17 mph, it also depends on your weight and which surfaces you ride it on.

The maximum weight it can withstand is 220 pounds so it can fit most adults. Maxfind can climb an incline up to 25 degrees

With 1 hour charging, you can ride it for 10 miles because it has high-quality battery produced by Samsung

The list above may be helpful for you if you have the intention of purchasing an electric skateboard. Hope you find this article interesting. Like, share and follow to keep up with the latest post.

How To Clean Griptape?

There may come a time you step in the dirt, mud, or something odd and it gets onto your grip tape it takes away some traction or it makes your deck less awful, and so you may want to clean your grip tape. There are a lot of videos and articles out there that recommend using window cleaner and scrubbing with an old toothbrush. However, this way is outdated. The problem with this method is that window cleaners like Windex have solvents in them that can affect the resin that holds the grip together.

So now, I would like to show you some ways that can work well when you have the intention of cleaning your grip tape. It may not make your skateboards become brand new again, but in some aspects, it will enhance your performance and your board’s functions.

1. Don’t use water and window cleaner

Some standard grip tapes are perforated, meaning that there are tiny holes all over the sheet to eliminate air bubbles when applying it to a deck. Water and window cleaner can soak through and get into the wood, making the deck soft and/or ruin the adhesion of the grip tape. Also, the bristles of a toothbrush are not strong enough and durable enough to scrub deep into the grip tape.

2. Use a piece of natural rubber

What we recommend using is a piece of natural rubber, and you can find these in a few places.

At a skate shop its sold under the brand name “Grip Gum” for eight dollars, and at almost any hardware store you can find a stick of belt-sander cleaner for around six or seven dollars. You can also find small pieces of the same rubber at an art supply store for around two dollars and it’s pretty much all you need, and it’s used by people who water paint and for removing rubber cement.

Ask for a rubber cement pickup or scrap rubber. Here I’ve got an old deck where you can see that one half of the deck is clean and the other side needs some cleaning. The rubber is only really only good at removing dust or whatever is just on the surface of the grip tape.

3. Use a soft wire brush

To get deep to remove stubborn crud, we like to use a very soft wire brush. It’s a lot tougher than a toothbrush and soft enough to not ruin the grip. We use a fine brass wire brush that was about $.50 at a local hardware store.

This similar steel brush is good too but had stiffer bristles so be gentle if you use it. Any wire brush like a barbecue brush will pull the grip and possibly make it worse than it already is. Here’s a really good spot to use as an example of what can happen when you try using just the rubber. It doesn’t work very well the more I rub, it just still looks the same. But when I use a brass brush to get the dirt that is deep in the grip tape, it starts to come to the surface.

As you can see, it works pretty well to wipe it away, I just used the rubber, and now you can see how much better the grip tape is now. On this deck here, I applied off the top longboard grip tape brands that use the really coarse grip for the grip tapes. The brush and rubber piece may not be good enough removing everything on course grip tape.

We went a little extreme and covered these grip tapes in mud and then let it dry. Since these grip tapes are so thick from being covered with resin to hold a lot of heavy grit, it is okay to use water to loosen up the dirt that is deep in the grip tape. Just get your brush and water and scrub in sections.

4. Caution before using rubber

Before we use any rubber to wipe dirt away, use a rag to soak up the mud that we now created. Otherwise, you can use paper towels, but it can tear up and get stuck in the grip. Continue to clean sections or spots that you missed.

As you can see, this method alone works pretty well, but keep in mind that this grip tape is wet so it looks nicer than it actually is. The rubber doesn’t work well at all if the grip tape is wet. What happens is that the rubber gets wet, too, and it will just slide over the grip tape and dirt.

We keep a hair dryer handy to dry off the grip tape quickly. Now, you can see how it looks worse when it dries but when we use the rubber stick, we can get it looking a lot better. Your grip tape probably won’t get back looking brand-new. But it will function as it does, and that’s what’s really important.

Hey, that looks pretty good to me! Let’s do one more piece really quickly to show some more cleaning. Just dip your brush in water, scrub an area, pat it with a rag, dry it off with a hair dryer if you need to, and then finish cleaning with a piece of natural rubber. There, now that looks pretty good! We know there are multiple ways to skin a cat and the same goes for cleaning grip tape.

We feel that this is the quickest and simplest way to clean grip tape without doing any possible harm to it. Of course, nothing beats a new sheet of grip tape, so if your grip tape is old or worn down, you may want to consider replacing it, and if you need help removing it or applying a new sheet of grip tape, check out the articles that we have on how to get that done. If you have any questions about this article or anything skate related, send us a message and if you want to learn some more tips, check out the rest of our articles

The Best Skateboard Bearings

The Best Skateboard Bearings Reviews In 2019

Top 4 Best Skateboard Bearings Reviews In 2019

Skateboarding is a great hobby enjoyed by countless people of all ages. It is extremely relaxing and fulfilling, but can also take a lot of skill, technique, and the perfect equipment. Without the right equipment and skills, skaters can risk injury and other harm. Bearings are small, circular parts that can be placed over the wheels of the skateboard, and can help increase durability, speed, and control while skating. Bearings are essential for skaters to perform at their best. While there is a large variety of bearings on the market, with a little research and discretion skaters can find the best bearings for their skateboards.


NordiK Abec 9 Longboard Skateboard Bearings - Set of 8
NordiK Abec 9 Longboard Skateboard Bearings – Set of 8

The NordiK Abec 9 Longboard / Skateboard Bearings are an excellent choice for skaters who need great bearings for their board. Created by NordiK, a well known skating company that makes several skateboard products, these bearings can be bought online and in select sports stores for $15. They come in a variety of colors, including black, green, red, and blue. They are designed to offer great control and balance for skaters, and can handle high speeds as well. The set comes with 4 bearings, as well as 4 additional ones to use as replacements as needed. These bearings can satisfy any skater who needs a reliable set of bearings, and for their low price they are the best of the best.

Skateboarding is a great hobby enjoyed by countless people of all ages
Skateboarding is a great hobby enjoyed by countless people of all ages

ActionVillage Shorty’s Black Panther

Shorty's Abec-7 Black Panthers Bearings
Shorty’s Abec-7 Black Panthers Bearings

Another great set of bearings is the ActionVillage Shorty’s Black Panther – Abec 7 – Skateboard Bearings. Created by ActionVillage, another popular skating company, these bearings can be bought online and in select stores for $25. These bearings come in a set of 8 as well, and even comes with additional supplies like screws and rubber bands. They offer great durability and speed control, and customers who bought them gave favorable reviews. The bearings are easy to put on and remove, and can easily be replaced when needed. These bearings can offer great reliability for skaters in need, and they will no doubt enjoy them.

NordiK Supersonic Abec 7

NordiK Supersonic Abec 7 Longboard Skateboard Spacer Bearings - Set of 8
NordiK Supersonic Abec 7 Longboard Skateboard Spacer Bearings – Set of 8

Another choice for skaters in need of excellent bearings is the NordiK Supersonic Abec 7 Longboard / Skateboard Bearings. Also created to NordiK, these bearings can be bought online and in select sports stores for $25. They also come in a set of 8, and includes many different supplies and materials. For their price they offer amazing durability and balance. When bought online the customer can receive free shipping, and a thirty day money back guarantee is also offered. These bearings are among the best available, and customers will fall in love with them.

Skateboarding is a great hobby enjoyed by many people. It can require great patience, skill, and technique. Skaters will need the best equipment available to succeed, and utilizing the right bearings is essential. There are several different choices to choose from when shopping for skateboard bearings, and skaters may seem overwhelmed by the choices. Nevertheless, with a little patience, research, and discretion, skaters can find the perfect bearings for them and once again enjoy skateboarding as much as possible.

While skateboard bearings can last, there is still need to take care of them if you really want to get the most from your money. Without this, you would find yourself purchasing new bearings every now and then. Not only that, your skateboard may become slow and not so smooth. And there is that annoying sound you will hear every time you are cruising.

To avoid all that, you will need to lubricate your bearings. This will make them last longer and increase your speed. But since not all lubricants are made the same way, you will only want to spend your money on the best ones. In this article, you will discover the best skateboard bearing lubricants worth investing in.

Bones Speed Cream Skate Bearing Lubricant

Bones Speed Cream Skate Bearing Lubricant
Bones Speed Cream Skate Bearing Lubricant

Ask anyone who has been skating for years which is the best skateboard bearing lubricant, and there is a 0.9 probability they will say Bones Speed Cream. It works flawlessly and you will notice the improvement in your skateboard right away.

This is a low viscosity lubricant which is better that many Teflon based lubricants. You will realize that hitting top speed takes less effort as friction is reduced significantly. Furthermore, your skateboard will also run very smoothly. And for your information, this lube also prevents against corrosion.

If you have never used a bearing lubricant before, there is no need to worry. Applying the Bones Speed Cream is very easy and it does an effective job at the same time, it’s still the best lubricant on the market.
Cheetah Oil 1oz Tube Bearing Lubricant

An alternative to the Bones Speed Cream is the Cheetah oil lubricant. Although you will not skate faster than a cheetah, you will still be able to feel the change in speed. At the same time, you will also notice how smooth the skateboard will become.

Apart from reducing friction, it also keeps your bearings free from rust. If you were scared of your skateboard locking up and launching you into the ground, you will have a piece of mind with this.

Just like with the previous lubricant, applying this is also easy. Even better, it is compatible with all kinds of bearings. Overall, it is a great lube you can also consider spending your money on.
Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant

For those wanting even more options, take a look at the Tri-Flow Superior lubricant. It is used in a range of devices like bicycles, sewing machines etc. And for skateboard bearings, it also makes a great lubricant.

Although it might not compare to the Bones speed cream or Cheetah oil lubricant, you will still be impressed with how it works. It too prevents rust and corrosion,

One thing I love about this is that it comes at a great price. Considering how good it is, I would not mind recommending it to anyone.

These are some of the best skateboard bearing lubricants your money can get. If you are serious about skating, getting one of these will prove to be a good decision. Your bearings will last longer and your ride will be smooth.

Rimable Drop-through Longboard

Best Longboard For Beginners In 2019

Top 6 Best Longboard For Beginners Reviews In 2019

1. The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser The Original Artisan Bamboo and Maple 44
Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser The Original Artisan Bamboo and Maple 44″ Longboard Skateboard

This company’s motto is simple: “Life is a quest, enjoy the ride.” It’s easy to take their advice when you hop on board the Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard. Whether you’re taking a leisurely ride along the boardwalk or racing your buddies to class, the Quest Super Cruiser is a worthwhile investment for anyone interested in a cool, simple, cost-effective mode of transportation.

The 44-inch bamboo board is made of multi-ply hardwood maple, complete with a kick tail, key for cruising on the street. With durable, 70mm PU wheels – much larger than what you might find on a common skateboard – you’ll notice more stability and better traction, which means this board won’t shoot out from underneath you while you’re surfing the streets. The deck is strong, the grip tape is durable, and riders are a little less likely to eat asphalt while aboard.

As far as size, the Quest Super Cruiser is one of the larger longboards, but that doesn’t diminish from its ability to provide a smooth and stable ride. Softer wheels will grip the pavement and reduce vibration for a more comfortable cruise, so this makes for a great long distance board, perhaps to get to and from work or school. Just remember that you’ll have to carry the extra load around wherever you go, and it weighs nearly eight pounds.

Thinking of taking this one out for a little slalom? Think again. While longboards are popular for various forms of racing, this isn’t a longboard for advanced maneuvers. It will hold up under regular use, but is not suited for much fancy handling. Customers complained that the heavy trucks – made of rugged, 7-inch aluminium – limited the turn-radius, so new riders should take corners with caution.

If you’re planning on picking up a Super Cruiser for yourself, keep in mind that this board doesn’t have much give. The center of the deck won’t provide much flex, so managing your speed might be a bit tricky. Still, it handles well on both smooth and rough surfaces and comes with little to no learning curve. With a strong and durable design, this is a longboard that will get you from point A to point B in one piece (and in style).

In the end, the Quest Super Cruiser really is a super choice, and it’s a steal for between $60 and $80, depending on where you decide to make your purchase. It’s loose, easy to shift, and softer than a skateboard. Sure, there are better boards with better setups out of the box, but you’re not likely to find one as good looking or reliable for the cost. If you’re weighing your options and are considering a flashier name brand, remember that there’s no reason to drop upwards of $100 for a great longboard. Save the money and go with a Quest Super Cruiser. It makes a great give for teens or beginners, and you can snag one on Amazon, Overstock, or Walmart.

2. Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard, Black
Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard, Black

Rain or shine, it’s always a good day to cruise about town on a Yocaher board. They’re known for their longboards as well as their old school decks, and you can find them in dozens of color and designs, or snag one in a natural wood stain if you want to keep it simple. Design aside, they’re well constructed cruisers that rarely disappoint.

If you’re in the market to add a board to your collection, do yourself a favour and check out the Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Longboard. This Amazon best seller is – as the title suggests – more than your average starter board. Designed specifically with the experienced riders in mind, this longboard is uniquely structured with the deck lower in the center than where the trucks are mounted. By doing so, riders have a lower center of gravity and increased speed, which makes it great for speed-boarding like a pro. You’ll be blazing down the boardwalk or speeding to class without a second thought.

Check out the specs:

9-Ply high quality Canadian Maple Deck
Deck measures 41.25 inches by 9 inches
Concave: High
Flex: None
Q-Ball 70x52mm Wheels 78A Hardness
HD7 Heavy Duty Trucks
180mm Hanger, Aluminum Alloy
Abec 7 Chrome Bearings
Black Widow Premium Grade 80A Black Grip tape
Wheel Base: 33 inches
Weights eight pounds
Comes fully assembled from Amazon – no construction necessary

If you’re an experience rider, you’ll noticed immediately that this board has very few drawbacks. You may need to replace the bearings after a bit of use – the stock ones on the board aren’t the best. You might also want to adjust the trucks to your liking after a ride or two, but that’s about all the elbow-grease you’ll need for making this longboard your own.

It handles remarkably well on flat surfaces and at high speeds, with no wobbles, especially if you’re a more seasoned skater. If you’re new to the longboarding game, though, fear not. This board rides smooth and offers good balance if you’re a little shaky. It turns well, too, so you can cut down on the amount of time you spend wiping out and increase the amount of time you spend cruising.

The grip tape is long lasting, and after a year, your board will still look awesome. Ride it in the sun, the rain, or the snow: it won’t easily rust. In fact, if you snowboard, you’ll probably find that this board feels much like a snowboard. The smooth ride will take you back to slopes long after the snow has melted.

For about $100, this board is definitely worth the investment. It’s probably not the best starter longboard, but if you’ve got your heart set on it and don’t have much experience, you should still be find. Just remember that long boards have a learning curve and it may take a while to get used to the drop-style of the Yocaher Pro Speed.

 3. Atom Drop Through – 41 Inch

Atom Drop-Through Longboard (41-Inch)
Atom Drop-Through Longboard (41-Inch)

Longboards are all the rage right now. If you’re in the market for a new longboard – or if you’re shopping for your first one ever – you may have noticed that drop style longboards are trending. These ultra low-riding boards offer increased stability and superior downhill handling, which are suited for newbs and tricksters alike and provide a great option whether you’re new to the sport or an avid professional. Its easy of pushing eliminate some of the harsh side-effects of every day use, making it a stellar long-distance choice. Check out the Atom Drop-Through specifically, if you’re looking for a gnarly board to add to your collection. Atom boards are produced by Colorado-based MBS, a leading innovator of mountainboard products. Their mission? Extend the boarding season long past the winter snowboarding rush. To achieve this, they expanded their line to include carveboards, skateboards, and – you guessed it – longboards, such as the Drop-Through which we’ve reviewed here.

The Atom Drop-Through is a best selling longboard, and for good reason. It measures 41.7 inches long with a full maple laminate deck. The board’s unique shape gives a whopping 9.6 inches of leverage into every turn, which really cuts down on wheel bite. Read up on the full specs below:

Reverse King Pin (RKP) longboard trucks
245-millimeter axles
Wide-Lip 70-by-51-millimeter super high rebound (SHR) urethane wheels
ABEC 9 bearings with high-speed lubricant
80S grip tape
Nine pounds

All in all, this is a good cruiser for meandering about town, running errands, or getting to class. The faux wood finish may experience a little deterioration over time, as the finish is printed on and not the true appearance of the maple deck. Like any board, it may ride better after a few enhancements that suit the rider’s tastes: the bearings could use some upgrading if you’re really hoping for a smooth ride, and loosening the king pins make for some better turning. Some novice riders noted that foot placement on this board was a little tricky, with the occasional slip during slides. Otherwise, out of the box, this is still a great buy for both inexperienced and seasoned riders.

The deck is strong but light, and it absorbs the bumps pretty well. In fact, this board boasts a “no wheel-bite guarantee,” and we’re inclined to believe it. If you’re unsure, though, you might want to check out the newer model of this board: the Atom Longboard Bamboo Drop-Through Longboard (40-inch). After a year of collecting customer comments and suggestions, this model was released to the masses, and remains a similarly well-reviewed, well-received longboard option. It features an upgraded bamboo/maple hybrid deck, more concave, and a sick design. For about $20 more, you may want to consider the upgrade for the new and improved version of the Atom Drop-Through.

That being said, if you’re looking for a reliable, affordable, and stylish longboard, the Atom Drop-Through is worth the investment. At under $100 when on offer (with free shipping via Amazon), this board is a worth purchase for the spend. Your longboard comes backed with a limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects, so ride easy knowing your board is covered.

4. Eightbit 41 inch Drop Down Complete Longboard 

Eightbit 41 Inch Drop Down Complete Longboard - Pale Maple
Eightbit 41 Inch Drop Down Complete Longboard – Pale Maple

EIGHTBIT 41 Inch Drop Deck Longboard is an affordable skateboard with high quality features. It has an awesome minimalist design and has been received with almost exclusively brilliant reviews everywhere. Compared to its competition in the market, the longboard provides better control, stability and performance. The deck flexes nicely and the trucks function smoothly. This board is ideal for travelling and to perform various tricks as well as being designed for long term use and cruising on longer journeys.

The product’s specifications include a high quality 8-ply maple deck with ABEC -7 Bearings. These bearings are heavy duty and can withstand pressure. Moreover, the trucks are electrostatic-coated 180mm aluminium alloys. There is no need to assemble the product as it comes fully assembled. The company offers one year warranty on EIGHTBIT 41 Inch Drop Deck Longboard. However not many consumers have utilized the warranty as the product hardly disappoints. This model has been spoken about a lot as possibly the most affordable, and best value for money longboard in the market. Its features are high quality and it is extremely durable.

People who have bought this product for the first time are extremely satisfied with EIGHTBIT 41 Inch Drop Deck Longboard. They say that it’s easy to learn skateboarding on this board. Moreover this board can be used to commute and to do safe tricks as well. Its specialty is that it can go over big rocks and cracks without any trouble. Most of the consumers have used EIGHTBIT 41 Inch Drop Deck Longboard to go over hills and found it extremely easy to carve around.

The board is designed in a drop style which lowers the center of gravity to give users more control and stability while riding the Drop Deck Longboard. Consumers have given it a 8/10 rating on Durability, weight, appearance, stability and speed, which is more than satisfactory when you consider the price. If you are looking for great aesthetics and good bearings then EIGHTBIT 41 Inch Drop Deck Longboard is a great option. The wheels are soft which is good as they can absorb vibration. However such wheels can wear out quickly.

With high performing features it comes with stylish design which makes it stand out from the clutter of other skateboards. It doesn’t make use of any cheap sticker for its design. The EIGHTBIT Longboard is a versatile board that can satisfy the thrill for beginners all the way through to immediate level riders. This Longboard has a low learning curve and very little barrier for entry even for beginners, and is also safer compared to the other boards. Once the rider learns how to use it, it will be a tremendous experience

Websites such as amazon and other skating communities can also be checked to know more about EIGHTBIT 41 Inch Drop Deck Longboard. People who have bought this Board also invest in useful safety gears. These safety gears include Knee and Wrist guards. If you are learning skateboarding on EIGHTBIT for the first time, then it is essential for you to purchase the helmet as well.

5. RIMABLE Drop-Through Longboard (41-inch)

RIMABLE Drop-Through Longboard Surf
RIMABLE Drop-Through Longboard Surf

People who are thinking about taking up skateboarding as a sports activity are rarely disappointed when they invest their money on the awesome Rimable Drop-through Longboard, which is an affordable but high quality longboard, which will give you an experience of a life time.

Rimable Drop-through Longboard is an extremely stable product with an attractive body. Some people, who have purchased the product, customize the wheels according to their needs and other requirements such as your size. Rimable Drop-through Longboard is considered one of the top rated longboards because it is very durable and reliable. The product promises excellent quality and satisfaction to their customers.

Check out what other customers have said and the current amazon price of the Rimable Longboard.

In case you don’t wish to replace the wheels, the original wheels can go really fast and have a lot of traction. There is no age limit on the use of Rimable Drop-through Longboard as it is recommend for everyone who is looking for a great skateboarding experience, regardless of whether you’re a kid, teenager or an adult.

The specifications of the longboard include 9.5” wide deck which allows powerful turning and 70mm PU wheels for a smooth ride. Rimable Drop-through Longboard is considered ideal for people who want to have a skateboard for performing tricks and also for commuting.

Moreover, the product comes with ABEV-9 and a high speed lubricant. Since the deck is made from Maple wood, the deck can withstand any weight and pressure. This is a great product for those who want to enjoy speed. The product literally flies and is a great cruiser. It comes with highly impressive bearings that accounts for the great speeds.

The product has been recommended to new users by old users who want to try skateboarding as it gives an astonishing experience of a lifetime. If you are willing to purchase the product online, then we recommend amazon.com as the photos shown on the site are the complete depiction of how the product will look like in reality.

This Longboard offers comfortable ride with stability, speed and agility. Rimable Drop-through Longboard is a great gift idea for birthday, graduation and holiday gift for die heart skateboard fans. In case you are planning to buy a gift that every child or adults would surely admire then you must purchase this amazing product from online stores today. If you are lucky, you might get a discount or a special offer on the purchase of Rimable Drop-through Longboard.

Rimable Drop-through Longboard Skateboard is ideal for children under the age of 12 years. It is not wrong to state that Rimable Drop-through Longboard is safe to be used by teenagers as it has an elongated plate which allows for a maximum load of 100kg.

People who have bought this Board also invest in useful safety gears. Health and safety equipment may well include Knee and Wrist guards. If you are learning how to board on the Rimable Drop-through Longboard, safety first is a good policy to have and you should check out the equipment you can get to stay injury free. Amazon.com and eBay can also be checked for this type of product while you are placing your order.

6. Krown Complete Longboard Skateboard

Krown Wood Sunset Complete Longboard Skateboard
Krown Wood Sunset Complete Longboard Skateboard

If you enjoy skateboarding or planning to start this fantastic action sport then all you need is Krown Wood Sunset Complete Longboard. This skateboard can be used as a method for transportation and for performing cool tricks. Beginners enjoy riding this because it provides them with a smooth and steady boarding experience. This long board is fantastic for people who are new to the sport. The longboard is easy to learn and can easily be used even on difficult terrain.

The stable ride by Krown Wood Sunset Complete Longboard is possible because it has a 42-inch Pintail shape. The specifications of the product are great even though the cost of the product is not that high. The product is affordable and gives value for money to its customers. It has a 10-ply deck made from maple wood and 70mm Wheels. The trucks of the Krown Wood Sunset are 7-inch heavy duty aluminum, and the bearings are ABEC- 7 with smoke black cover. You don’t need to understand all of this in order to get the most out of your longboard, as this complete model provides no assembly and minimal maintenance.

People who find skateboarding difficult may well want to consider this as a starting point. Longboarding is very easy to learn and an extremely awesome sport to give the riders thrill and adventure. The riders who use Krown Wood Sunset Complete Longboard feel a sense of freedom when they are riding the longboard for travelling. As compared to Skateboarding, it makes longboarding easy and beginner friendly. It is recommended by various users of the product that new users should learn all the necessary skills on the longboard first and then later on shift to other longboards. Krown Wood Sunset Complete Longboard has a unique shape, length and width, which makes it one of the most sought after products of its type.

Krown Wood Sunset Complete Longboard has a deck length of 42”. It is a great board for new users as it can absorb the weight of almost any body size, meaning it is good for adults, teenagers and even some young people as well. Since the board is made from maple wood, it stays durable and intact for a long period of time plus looks classy. This model is considered as a mid-sized cruising board in the market which can do almost anything, one of the most versatile models out there.

Krown Wood Sunset Complete Longboard’s design is pleasing to the eye. It does not make use of cheap stickers or paint that wears off after some time. Both girls and boys love this product and consider it better than other boards in the market. It is safer to ride as compared to kickboards because it provides more stability. With this amazing board, users can now cruise stylishly.

This Longboard is a ground-breaking product that has hardly disappointed its loyal customers. This is why most of the old customers love to recommend the longboard to their friends and family. Users who have bought this product rate it positively on several online Platforms.

If you are in the market looking to purchase the product in the future, do check around online for discounts on this Longboard.

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Complete Longboard

The Top 3 Best Skateboard For Kids In 2019

Top 3 Best Skateboard For Kids In 2019

1. Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard

Krown KRRC-27 Rookie Complete Skateboard,Blue Flame
Krown KRRC-27 Rookie Complete Skateboard,Blue Flame

Krown is a Colorado-based brand popular among skateboarders, known for their affordable but eye-catching designs. In recent years, an increase in demand for their products has forced the company to release a diverse line of boards and designs. Customers won’t have to spend much to get a good board from Krown.

If you or an aspiring skater is in the market for a starter board, give the Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard a closer look. This one will run buyers anywhere from $40 – $70 (depending on the retailer and selected design), making it one of the more reasonably-priced options on the market. The deck is made of durable, Canadian maple with standard black grip tape on top. It’s meant for cruising, but corners well and can sustain a few ollies here and there. Here’s a bit more about the features of this board:

A 7.5-inch x 31-inch deck
52mm urethane Krown graphic wheels
5.0” aluminium trucks
Abec 5 bearings
Wheel Hardness: 98A
Multiple deck designs, including red, blue, or purple flames

The Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard boasts simple construction with great manoeuvrability. Adjustable trucks can be loosened upon purchase, which is probably necessary as some customers complained of crooked steering and difficult balancing on their first ride. The wheels on this board are a little smaller and stiffer, making it a rough ride on rocky ground, but the Rookie Complete will fly on the smooth surfaces of a skate park. Keep in mind that there are no tools included when ordering the board, though, so be sure to have some on hand or contact your local skate shop about adjusting it.

Its strong deck ensures that it’s a reliable product not likely to snap (like similarly priced boards), and a good starter board for anyone just beginning to learn the ropes. That being said, it’s also great for intermediate riders, with greater speed efficiency to attempting more complicated tricks.

All in all, this is a medium quality board fit for novices looking to buy something inexpensive and dependable. It’s the best value for the price, and the board will hold up well over time. After a few months of regular use, you’ll only notice the regular wear and tear that appears on a well-loved board. The biggest complaint is the chipping of the grip tape, which is easy to replace. New riders won’t need much time or experience to get acquainted with the board, and seasoned skaters should have no problem making the necessary adjustments to get the board just right.

Serious skateboarders might be interested in something more advanced, but the Krown Rookie Complete makes a great gift for young children and teens just learning to board. You can get yours at Sears, Dick’s, or Sports Authority. It’s a Christmastime best-seller on Amazon, so make sure Santa and his elves get their wish lists in advance. The blue flame print is regularly sold out because of such high demand!

2. Punisher Skateboards 9001 Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard, Red, 31-Inch

Punisher Skateboards 9001 Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard, Red, 31-Inch
Punisher Skateboards 9001 Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard, Red, 31-Inch

If you are looking for a stylish skateboard then the Punisher Cherry Blossom is an excellent choice. Skateboarding has become one of the most popular healthy activities for people in the recent times. It is widely renowned as it’s a great activity to do outdoors, whether alone and with friends. Moreover, it also helps build coordination between eyes and hands.

Since Skateboarding has become an important part of the youth culture, many companies have invested in improving the technology behind skateboards. Punisher Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard has been a top seller in the market for its stylish design and outlook. Its body is made from Canadian Maple wood and the trucks are made from sturdy and stylish alloy. Both the bearings and wheels are smooth and well built too.

This skateboard is great for anyone who wants to enter the world of skateboarding. This board will help the users to learn skateboarding, and is suitable for those who are mounting a board for the very first time. Punisher Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard is a quality board that is also within almost anyone’s budget, and is definitely at the cheaper end of the market. The skateboard comes with flexible soft trucks which are important to take turns. This helps the rider take control of the board in a much stronger way. If you are looking for a board that is easy to move and maneuver, then you should consider the Punisher Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard.

This skateboard offers a wonderful riding experience and is also very durable. The body is made up from Canadian wood which shows that it is high quality product. This board is ideal for advanced riders as well. The deck is shaped in such a way that it provides balance even for a 200+ lbs. rider. The deck provides greats positioning and control for performing tricks.

Currently, there are two options to buy any skateboard in the Market. Either you can assemble the parts after the purchase or get a complete one. Punisher Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard comes fully assembled so there is no hassle in assembling the parts. All you have to do is purchase the board and it’s ready to ride on.

Consumers love this product because the design is amazing and the board is sturdy. This allows longer use and better performance. You can read reviews online on various online retailer websites. All reviews reveal that people are satisfied with the quality of the board and have faith in it. Consumers have appreciated the board’s quality and how eye catching the graphics are. They regard the bearings to be quiet decent and consider oiling necessary to allow the wheels to roll smoothly.

The company believes in high quality and superior customer satisfaction. This is proven by the fact that they have black heavy duty grip tape which provides grip to the rider while skating. The company follows strict quality control measures as each skateboard goes through proper inspection.

You may place the order online if you are willing to purchase the product. Many online websites now provide various discounts and offers on the purchase of Punisher Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard.

3. KPC Pro Skateboard Complete 

KPC Pro Skateboard Complete, Black and White Checker
KPC Pro Skateboard Complete, Black and White Checker

If your son or daughter has finally broken you down and gotten you to agree to buy him or her a skateboard, or you’re treating yourself to a new hobby, you might consider the KPC Pro Complete. Perhaps you’ve decided to take up cruising on the boardwalk and need a stylish board to accompany you. Whatever the situation, the KPC Pro is a wise choice for rookie boarders.

This beginner’s board ranges from $40 – $50, depending on which design and retailer you settle on. It’s an inexpensive board available in a ton of awesome designs with chic touches, like black, aluminium trucks. The durable deck will help boarders get used to a smooth ride and improve their balance, making it one of the most popular selling boards on the market today. Out of the box (or off the shelf), this board will require little to no adjustment. It’s a thick board that won’t snap, and balancing and turning on the KPC is a piece of cake on quality wheels. Check out the full list of features:

A Canadian maple construction
8-inch x 32.00-inch
7.75-inch deck
~ 1.0 lbs
52mm Krown graphic wheels (rubber)
Heavy-duty, aluminium alloy trucks
Assorted havoc trucks available in assorted colors
Black grip tape
Mild concave
Abec 7 bearings
Comes fully assembled

Simply put, the KPC Pro is a perfect board for a first time skater. It’s a crowd-pleaser amongst kids and teens because of its flashy designs, and parents will be pleased to note that it’s a well-balanced cruiser that will keep the kids upright.

After months of regular use, the board may show signs of wear in the form of chipped grip tape and chipped paint on the edge of the deck. Grip tape can be easily replaced with a trip to a skate shop, though, and customers have reported that the chipped paint provided an opportunity to repaint or cover in stickers. In any event, the KPC Pro holds up well under the abuse of a novice skater. More advanced skaters should note that this board is on the thick side, which makes it difficult to perform some moves. Save the pop shove-its for something a tad more flexible.

When it comes to skateboards, you get what you pay for, and the KPC Pro is no exception to that rule. It has a better and more sturdy design than any board you’d find at your local Target or Walmart for a similar price, but a beginner might outgrow this skateboard quickly. Still, it’s a worthy investment for anyone excited to learn and not knowledgeable enough to build their own board quite yet.

Inexperienced riders won’t find a better bang for their buck, which leaves a bit of the budget to buy a helmet, knee-pads, or a skateboard tool kit (which is not included for adjusting this board). Snag the KPC Pro at Amazon, but remember that the black and red design is a fan-favorite, and is often sold out during the holidays, so make sure you get your hands on one quickly if you decide this is the board for you.

4. VIAHART Value Skateboard

VIAHART Value Standard 32 Inch Skateboard
VIAHART Value Standard 32 Inch Skateboard

Skateboarding is a great activity for people of all age groups. People choose skateboards as a gift whenever any important occasion is coming up. It allows people to enjoy outdoors more and also helps in staying fit. People who opt for skateboarding have felt improvements in their hand to eye coordination. Today we’re providing a VIAHART Value Skateboard review with full list of features and info on what is one of the best beginner boards available.

VIAHART is a company, which is known in the market for its excellent quality products and customer service. Its skateboards are also of the same reputation. Consumers consider their Value skateboard as one of the safest skateboard for beginners. It has a standard size and the trucks can be loosened for the sake of improving the radius. The product weighs around 3.7 kgs and is ideal for both children and adults. One of the most appealing things is the retro look of the product and the fact that it looks what you might think of as a stereotypical skateboard, great for cruising around on!

If you are planning to buy VIAHART value skateboard you won’t be disappointed as it is portable and has a very good plastic board. The bearings are solid and the size of the skateboard is ideal for people of all ages. It is extremely important for a good skateboard to have quality bearings. Since VIAHART value skateboard focuses on providing value to its customers, the bearings are strong and freely spin on the axle of the skateboard’s truck.

There are many online retailers that are selling this excellent skateboard. However you may always check Viahart.com to place the order. The official website provides offers and discounts to their customers. The company also offers 30 day no question return policy. This allows customers to return the product if they are not happy with its performance.

Learning how to skateboard is easy given a bit of time. Children and adults need few hours of practice with the board before riding it. Maintaining balance and composure on the board is the first essential step that needs to be learnt.

People are appreciating VIAHART Value Skateboard because they find it better than the wooden skateboards. These Skateboard’s are not only cheap but they are portable and have stylish design. Riders feel it’s a real positive for the skateboard to be so easy to move around on because it helps in movement and maneuvering. Another important feature of the skateboard is that it has a very strong Grip Tape. If the tape is of bad quality then the rider is going to face tremendous difficulties. The grip tape helps the rider to maintain balance and composure.

Customers have provided positive reviews about VIAHART Value Skateboard on several forums. Many customers have recommended it to new buyers, who are looking for a product to experience skateboarding. Before purchasing VIAHART Value Skateboard from an outlet, it is necessary that you check various online retailer websites

If you opt for VIAHART Value Skateboard, you won’t be disappointed. It is one of the best skateboards in the market, and comes already assembled by the professionals which saves you a job, and makes it the best choice if you’re just starting out. The professional touch gives the product more edge in the market and makes it stand out from the clutter of other products.

High Bounce Complete 22″ Skateboard

Best Skateboard For Beginners In 2019

Top 5 Best Skateboard For Beginners Reviews In 2019

1. High Bounce Complete 22″ Skateboard

One of the most desired skateboard in the market right now is the High Bounce Complete 22″ Skateboard. Several online platforms have declared it one of the best skateboards ever to exist on the face of the earth. Although it is low in price, this Skateboard comes with features equal to even the most expensive and highly regarded skateboards and penny boards currently in the market.

High Bounce Complete 22
High Bounce Complete 22″ Skateboard (Black)

The specifications of the product include smooth PU wheels with ABEC -7 bearings. The board can support the weight up to 85kg and measures just 22” x 6”. Both girls and boys love the product because the company offers the skateboard in various colors and styles. This particular type of board is extremely attractive and aesthetically pleasing because all the colors are really eye–catching. The design of the board is smartly constructed unlike the traditional boards which have cheap graphics and stickers pasted on them.

High Bounce complete stands out from the clutter because it durable, long lasting and does not require too much learning. This well built skateboard is ideal for children below the age of 12 who are learning how to skateboard. However, teenagers and young adults can also use it in order to perform tricks and for peaceful cruising. It is also one of the most portable products as it can easily fit in a bag.

High Bounce is also popular for its high quality aluminum axles which give users more control while riding the board. Although the competition is really tough in the skateboard market right now, high bounce has been able to attract customers with its great customer care and after-sales services. This is why this 22″ Skateboard is greatly respected by various customers in the market. Positive word of mouth for the product can be clearly seen by checking out various online platforms which have rated it highly on all sorts of various features such as performance, weight, durability, etc.

It must be noted that High Bounce Complete Skateboard is made in a Penny board style. Such boards are made from plastic and not that wide or long compared to traditional boards. They are just great for getting the rider to its planned destination faster than larger wooden boards. It is exactly made in a Penny board style which allows riders to glide on it for long distances. The only difference is that it gives same high quality penny board features at a far more affordable price. Making it a great gift and a solid alternative to a penny board.

This model is being offered at a great price and shipping offers by Amazon currently. If you are planning to purchase the product soon, we recommend that you place the order while the discount offer is still active. High bounce complete 22″ Skateboard is a great gift idea for birthday, graduation and holiday gift for die heart skateboard fans. It is easily portable, light and breezy and handles nicely for beginners and seasoned boarders alike. Comes with our top recommendation.

2. Yocaher Pro Blank Complete Skateboard – Natural woods

Yocaher Pro Blank Complete Skateboard - Natural woods (Assembled, 8.0
Yocaher Pro Blank Complete Skateboard – Natural woods (Assembled, 8.0″)

Yocaher Blank Complete Skateboard is the choice for many skaters because it has a great functionality and also comes within anyone’s budget. It has topped many online polls for being an awesome board for people who are learning to skate. Some seasoned skaters also tend to use the product and are quite satisfied with it as well.

Yocaher Blank Complete Skateboard is a 40inch pintail which can be used for recreational and transportation purposes. Some people who are planning skateboarding for the first time should go for this product because it is not expensive and provides all the functions you could possibly look for. The company has made sure that no cheap materials are used for the construction of the board. Beware of the cheap materials which include cheap plastic or woods existed in the skateboards. Yocaher Blank Complete Skateboard is a value product because it features genuine parts from the deck, truck to wheels. The specifications of this excellent board include 71mm Wheels, Alloy trucks and Abec 5 bearings. The board also comes with a grip tape and weighs only 9 pounds.

The wheels of Yocaher Blank Complete Skateboard are quite appreciate in the market because they are soft and can endure a lot of stress. Softer wheels give more grip to the rider. Such wheels are efficient on various rough terrains as well. If you purchase the board, it will surely not disappoint you as it provides smooth ride for cruising, downhill and rough surfaces.

The Abec bearings of the board are also important for a great skateboarding experience. Generally, higher the Abec rating of the bearing, the more accurate the bearings will be. Abec 5 rating of the bearing shows that the skateboard bearings are great for cruising, commuting and board walking.

With every purchase of this item users get a grip tape and a riser pad. The grip tape is a gritty sandpaper that is applied on the top of the skateboard to ensure that the rider stays safe while he is performing tricks. It is also used to ensure traction. The grip tape present on the Yocaher Blank Complete Skateboard also helps the rider to ride the skateboard fast. The riser pad on the other hand is usually a flat plastic pad that raises the board. It is mounted between the truck and the deck so that the space between the two can be increased. Moreover the risers help to prolong the life of Yocaher Blank Complete Skateboard and also help to avoid any form of wipe outs and scratches.

We highly recommend this particular variant from Yocaher, who are an exceptional brand in the world of skateboards and longboards, for people who are looking for a sport that will help relieve stress. This sport is also known to help take your mind off things, increase your fitness and more. Moreover, Skateboarding also provides an opportunity for youngsters to take calculated risks. They learn how to practice and be patient. Learning skateboarding takes a lot of skills and it takes both time and practice to become professional at those.

3. Sun Boards 22″ Complete Mini Skateboard Colorful Decks and Wheels – Great For Beginners and Kids

Skateboard (Black Deck w/Green Wheels)
Skateboard (Black Deck w/Green Wheels)

Sun Boards 22″ Skateboard is great for people who are planning to try skateboarding for the first time, or for more seasoned boarders who have been doing it for years. Skateboarding has gained popularity over the years and many companies have launched various products to cater to the rising trend. However there are only certain brands that offer supreme quality and functionality. This Penny Board style of skateboard is one of the better ones on the market and has almost universally been well reviewed.

Sun Boards 22″ Skateboard is ready to be used once it is purchased and requires no assembly. We only recommend building custom skateboards to those who know what they want and are seasoned skaters. The board has Urethane wheels and Abec 7 bearings. Most of the bearings are measured in Abec rating. The higher the rating the most precise the bearing will be. Since Sun Boards 22″ Skateboard has a rating of Abec 7 which means that the bearings are very fast and smooth. However they can be a little expensive, which make this a great option and has a real sign of quality.

The Sun Boards 22″ Skateboard also has a strong grip. It is normally a gritty, sand paper style material that is applied with adhesive to the top of the skateboard, but this is a pattern inbuilt within the board as it is manufactured. The aim of the grip tape is to ensure that rider’s feet are secure and the grip mean that they can more easily perform tricks. The usual color of the grip tape is black but some skateboards have multi colored grip tapes which help to brighten and provide texture to the board.

Users who have bought this product are totally in love with it. They recommend Sun Boards 22″ Skateboard to all the new users because they believe it’s a great board which comes within one’s budget. Customers claim that the skateboard is really robust and really long lasting.

This product can be gifted to both adults and children. Users, who have purchased this fantastic product, also invest in safety gears so that the rider stays safe during skateboarding. Online retailer websites like amazon.com and eBay are offering attractive discounts on Sun Boards 22″ Skateboard. If you desire to have this product in the near future, we recommend that you should check these websites before the purchase. Amazon.com is also providing free shipment to their loyal users within US.

People who have opted for Sun Boards 22″ Skateboard believe that it has helped them have a healthy lifestyle. Skateboarding allows both children and adults to go outside and also get some fresh air, and is great fun whatever your age. Users who are loyal to Sun Boards 22″ Skateboard also claim that ever since they have started skateboarding, their ankles and body has become more flexible. Skateboarding is one those sports that allow the whole body to work out and move. If you start skateboarding, we assure you that you will have enhanced physical endurance and a healthier outlook towards life. Skateboarding also teaches riders to align their motions perfectly.

If you are looking for a sport that will burn calories, then skateboarding can do that for you as well. An average skater loses between 150-500 calories/hour depending on the intensity of the skate. Moreover, Skateboarding will also help you relieve stress. This sport is known to help you take your mind off things.

4. ELEMENT Skateboards SECTION Complete SKATEBOARD Black 


Skateboarding is one of the most sought after and fun sports, used for enjoyment alone or with friends, and also to stay fit. People consider skateboarding as a part of their own identity; therefore they are looking for the best board that will keep them happy and satisfied. Many companies have launched various skateboards in the market which aim to attract such skaters, however not all companies deliver excellent customer satisfaction, so we’re trying to bring you the best of the bunch here on A Happy Medium.

The Element Section Complete SKATEBOARD is the perfect product for people who are planning to learn skating or for the ones who are already refined and capable at his sport. This skateboard can be used for skateboarding and also for transportation. Since it is light weight, it can be carried from one place to another under your arm all day without issue. The deck of this board is made from thrift wood which provides durability at a low cost. People have gifted the skateboard to their sons and daughters as a starter board. They claim that it is a great brand and components are wonderful too. The specifications of the Section include 7.5 deck size and 50mm Element section wheels. The users don’t need to assemble the product after the purchase as it comes fully assembled, which makes it an awesome choice for starters who don’t want to mess around with this kind of thing.

Element skateboards have been ranked as the top favorite on many online platforms. This is because they have high quality and functionality as compared to the other brands. Moreover, since the company feels that it needs to be environment friendly, it only makes use of thrift wood decks. The design of the ELEMENT SECTION Complete SKATEBOARD is interesting too as they make use of simple, crisp clean imagery with complementary colors.

The deck size is 7.75 x31.5. Wider decks are known to provide greater stability and sport while ramp skating. Usually the standard decks are around 28 inches long. Since it is a skateboard and not a longboard, the Element Section falls below the 36+ inches.

This board also comes with a Black diamond Grip tape. Grip tape is basically a sheet of paper with adhesive on one side. This ensures that the rider stays on the board and doesn’t slip while doing tricks. The grip tape of this skateboard is black but it may also come in various colors depending on the design of the skateboard.

It is highly recommended that users who are purchasing should also invest in gloves, wrist guards and elbow pads to protect themselves during skateboarding. Special footwear is also available for skateboard lovers. If you want to purchase ELEMENT SECTION Complete SKATEBOARD, then you must also invest in protective helmet. The helmet is known to cover the forehead, ears and the back of the skull.

Many online retailer websites like EBay and Amazon are offering interesting discounts and offers on ELEMENT SECTION Complete SKATEBOARD. Do check out these websites to get access to interesting offers. Amazon.com is also providing free shipment within US. In case you want to inquire something from the company, Element ensures that all queries are taken seriously and they are always present for their customers.

5. Roller Derby RD Street Series Skateboard – RDB-20

Roller Derby Street Series Square Skateboard
Roller Derby Street Series Square Skateboard

One of the most sought after pieces of sports equipment is a skateboard. People have loved skateboarding because it is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Many People enjoy it because they feel it’s a great way to exercise and improve agility, balance and hand eye coordination.

The much coveted Roller Derby Roller Street series is one of the most popular skateboard available in the market right now. It consists of 9-Ply laminated hardwood and 5-inch Aluminum trucks. It also has PU wheels which are 50mm x 30mm. Customers have found this skateboard ideal for giving as a gift to teenagers or even children. It has a body that can withstand any pressure making it a very durable skateboard. This skateboard is affordable, and a great option for beginners. This board is very supportive and can teach the users how to maintain their balance.

Roller Derby believes in giving customers best experience within their budgets. They promise to deliver value and quality experience through their products. Roller Derby Roller street series Skateboard – RDB 20 has received high rating on all the online retailer websites. Many Online retailers like Amazon and eBay have this product readily available. Most of these online retailers are offering a really great price on Roller Derby Roller Street Series Skateboard – RDB 20, which is already on the more affordable end of the market.

There are two ways to buy a skateboard. Either you can assemble the product or get a complete product. Beginners should always go for the complete skateboard, and when you get to the stage where you know what you’re doing, you can start to assemble yourself. Roller Derby Roller Street Series Skateboard – RDB 20 have great wheels that help children try out new tricks. If your skateboard has small wheels then it will allow deck spin. Hard street wheels are good for sliding on surfaces. The truck is wide of this skateboard which makes Roller Derby Roller Street Series Skateboard – RDB 20 a stable ride.

If you wish to purchase RB-20, you may look into various safety gears as well. These safety gears are essential for securing your loved ones. Safety gears are also an important requirement in various skate parks and competitions. Gifting the gears to the children will help them learn the basics of keeping themselves safe while skating.

Gloves, wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads are important padding gears for Skateboarding. They can be bought from the stores or even through online retailers. Make sure the helmet you buy for the RDB 20 covers the forehead, ears and the back of the skull. Special footwear is also available for skateboard lovers. These shoes help the rider move quickly and easily.

If you are planning to buy this board then you must keep in mind the physical attributes of the person for whom you are buying it for. The physical outlook is important as it will help determine the type of the board needed. The board should be such that fits both the height and weight. In conclusion, this is an excellent, ready-made skateboard which is on the market at a superb price whether you’re just getting started or already know your stuff.