The Best Skateboard Brands in the World

eightbit22Many skateboard brands exist and have grown in popularity over the years. Many different pro skaters endorse and promote their favorite brands and companies, and their fans often use those brands and products in support of them. Though there is no way to clearly tell which brands are the best of the best, as the decision is purely based on the skater’s opinion, many have tried to rank the brands in regards to their popularity, appeal, and customizations.


One of the most popular skateboard brands is Zero. Dozens of pro skaters promote Zero’s designs, products, and equipment. Zero has remained a top skateboard brand for years, and has hosted several skating events and tours. They are known for their elite equipment and design, as well as their contests and sweepstakes for their fans.


Element is another one of the top skating brands. Element is also known for their elite equipment and merchandise, as well as endorsing several of the best professional skateboarders in the industry. Element has remained a giant in the industry for years, and is often seen as Zero’s rival.


Girl is also a great, respected skateboard brand. It is a relatively new brand compared to Zero and Element, but offers amazing skateboard designs and graphics. Girl boards are slimmer and more flexible, and Girl also has pro skaters promoting their brand.

Plan B

A fierce competitor for Girl is Plan B. Known for its intense graphics and the unique designs for their boards, Plan B is a great contender for the title of Best Skateboard Brand. The bramd has been around as long as Zero and Element. Plan B has several pro skaters promoting their brand as well. Plan B is one of the most respected skateboard brands, and has one of the largest fanbases as well.


Halloway is another excellent skateboarding brand. Halloway is known for its cool graphics, designs, and trick boards. It has a few pro skaters, but is mostly known for its unique equipment and products. Halloway is a great brand, and can easily compete with the others.

While it is true that the ranking of various skateboard brands is opinion-based and speculative, there are small details and flaws that set the brands apart. Also, fans loyal to only a select pro skaters and brands will always defend their favorite brands, which can lead to endless debates about which brand is truly best. In the end the choice of which brand is better truly comes down to personal preference.

Skaters will always be loyal to the brands that are promoted by their favorite pro skaters. Many brands offer different styles, designs, and products, all of which are enjoyed and used by several different pro skaters. Many brands far outsell others, while some have less sales but a larger fanbase. All in all most skating brands that exist in the industry are both excellent and reliable. The best brands are the ones that have existed for several years, and continue to provide products the customers will love and enjoy.

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