The Best Skate Shoes for Tricks Reviewed

dc mensSkating destroys shoes. And if you rush into buying one without research, it could prove to be a dumb way of wasting money. And when it’s tricks in question, the importance of durability cannot be overemphasized.

In this article, you will discover some of the best skate shoes for tricks. Your imagination should be the only thing to limit your creativity, and not because your shoe cannot handle it.

DC Men’s Cole Pro Skate Shoe

Without surprise, this skate shoe is just as stylish as any DC shoe. It comes in a range of colors and you are bound to find your match without much trying. As for comfortability, it’s not the best, but at the same time, you wouldn’t complain.

As said, skate shoes, especially for tricks, need to be strong. Even stronger that a dog’s love for bone. While this might not be the strongest shoe on this list, it’s still better than much of what you will find at the market. As a matter of fact, it’s beyond what you would consider average. The material used is leather – which is just what you need for this type of a shoe. Its sole is made from rubber and it sticks like gum when you step on the board.

Considering its price, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a stylish shoe to show off while skating. 

Lakai Men’s Manchester Skateboarding Shoe

From looks alone, it’s not overly different from the DC above. But this is one shoe to give the DC a good run for its money. Not only is it good looking, but it’s also very comfortable – a characteristic you should never ignore when buying a skate shoe.

Turning our attention to quality, you will not be disappointed. Actually, if you have ever owned a Lakai shoe before, you must be well aware of their durability. It too is made from leather and it screams “I will last forever” just by looking at it.

Being one of the most affordable skating shoes around, it’s difficult to not recommend it.

Fallen Men’s Slash Skate Shoe

There are a number of good quality skate shoes out there. But if truth be told, this list would have been incomplete if I was to omit this one. You can say I am obsessed with it, be my guest! But the fact is this skate shoe is great.

Starting with durability, it is simply outstanding. It’s not like it will last forever, but you can be sure it will ride with you for some time. It is made from suede which is another material considered suitable for tricks. The rubber sole provides enough grip and it too is durable.

As you would think, comfortability has not been sacrificed. There is enough padding inside and the whole of the shoe just feels amazing. Overall, it is a great shoe that is so easy to love.

I am sure this article has helped you find a skate shoe worth purchasing. Your choice will depend on your budget and needs. But I can guarantee you will be impressed with all the shoes here.

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