Sun Boards 22″ Skateboard Review – Penny Style Board

sun boardsSun Boards 22″ Skateboard is great for people who are planning to try skateboarding for the first time, or for more seasoned boarders who have been doing it for years. Skateboarding has gained popularity over the years and many companies have launched various products to cater to the rising trend. However there are only certain brands that offer supreme quality and functionality. This Penny Board style of skateboard is one of the better ones on the market and has almost universally been well reviewed.

Sun Boards 22″ Skateboard is ready to be used once it is purchased and requires no assembly.  We only recommend building custom skateboards to those who know what they want and are seasoned skaters. The board has Urethane wheels and Abec 7 bearings. Most of the bearings are measured in Abec rating. The higher the rating the most precise the bearing will be. Since Sun Boards 22″ Skateboard has a rating of Abec 7 which means that the bearings are very fast and smooth. However they can be a little expensive, which make this a great option and has a real sign of quality.

The Sun Boards 22″ Skateboard also has a strong grip. It is normally a gritty, sand paper style material that is applied with adhesive to the top of the skateboard, but this is a pattern inbuilt within the board as it is manufactured. The aim of the grip tape is to ensure that rider’s feet are secure and the grip mean that they can more easily perform tricks. The usual color of the grip tape is black but some skateboards have multi colored grip tapes which help to brighten and provide texture to the board.

Users who have bought this product are totally in love with it. They recommend Sun Boards 22″ Skateboard to all the new users because they believe it’s a great board which comes within one’s budget. Customers claim that the skateboard is really robust and really long lasting.

This product can be gifted to both adults and children. Users, who have purchased this fantastic product, also invest in safety gears so that the rider stays safe during skateboarding.  Online retailer websites like and eBay are offering attractive discounts on Sun Boards 22″ Skateboard. If you desire to have this product in the near future, we recommend that you should check these websites before the purchase. is also providing free shipment to their loyal users within US.

People who have opted for Sun Boards 22″ Skateboard believe that it has helped them have a healthy lifestyle. Skateboarding allows both children and adults to go outside and also get some fresh air, and is great fun whatever your age. Users who are loyal to Sun Boards 22″ Skateboard also claim that ever since they have started skateboarding, their ankles and body has become more flexible. Skateboarding is one those sports that allow the whole body to work out and move. If you start skateboarding, we assure you that you will have enhanced physical endurance and a healthier outlook towards life.  Skateboarding also teaches riders to align their motions perfectly. If you are looking for a sport that will burn calories, then skateboarding can do that for you as well. An average skater loses between 150-500 calories/hour depending on the intensity of the skate. Moreover, Skateboarding will also help you relieve stress.  This sport is known to help you take your mind off things.

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