Ripstik Caster Board Review

ripstik casterThe Ripstick Caster Board is an amazing piece of kit, a quirky design and something that will fully stand out from the crowd, we’ve bought you a full review here to look at the features, and what’s so great about this distinctive board. It is very similar to a snake board and is also known as the wave board. The Ripstick Caster board consists of two platforms or decks joined by a metal beam.  The design of the board is very distinctive. It gives the rider an experience of a lifetime.  Ripstik Caster board is made in such a way that makes acceleration and turning around the corners quite easy.  The other parts of the board consist of a concave deck which helps the rider to control the foot movements. It comes with a twisting motion feature that gives more foot control to the rider.  Ripstick Caster board also comes up with ABEC-5 bearings which make it quite a smooth ride for the riders. The unique steering mechanism of the board helps the rider to maintain balance and composure. The steering mechanism is important for the front and back wheels.

The board is strong enough to handle weight up to 220 pounds. It is made of high quality materials which helps the board to stay intact for many years. In the Market right now, there are many options to buy a caster board. One way is to buy a product that requires assembly, while other way is to buy the complete product. Ripstick Caster board does not require any assembly and is ready to be used as soon as it is purchased.

This product can be used and gifted to anyone older than eight years. Some people shy away from the board because they feel it’s not for adults. But adults who are athletic and want some thrill should buy this product. It might take some hours for the rider to learn its mechanics. Ripstick has a low learning curve and also safer compared to the other boards. Once the rider learns how to use it, it will be a tremendous experience. Many customers have rated it positively on online websites and recommend others to buy it.   Ripstik Caster Board has a unique shape and style. It is not like the regular skateboards and makes the rider stand out from the crowd.

The price of the this board is quite economical, especially for such a unique board, but don’t forget your safety gear too! These safety products include Knee and Wrist guards.  If you are learning the product for the first time, then it is essential for you to purchase the helmet as well. All of these can be bought from online retailers with relative ease.

There are many kinds of caster boards that are in the market but many consumers still prefer the original Ripstick Caster board. It is one the finest board which combines the attributes of a skateboard and snowboard. If you are looking for an outdoor activity that gives you a thrill or just something a little different from your normal skateboard then you should opt for one of these little beasts.

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