Element Section Complete Skateboard Review

element sectiomSkateboarding is one of the most sought after and fun sports, used for enjoyment alone or with friends, and also to stay fit. People consider skateboarding as a part of their own identity; therefore they are looking for the best board that will keep them happy and satisfied.  Many companies have launched various skateboards in the market which aim to attract such skaters, however not all companies deliver excellent customer satisfaction, so we’re trying to bring you the best of the bunch here on A Happy Medium.

The Element Section Complete SKATEBOARD is the perfect product for people who are planning to learn skating or for the ones who are already refined and capable at his sport. This skateboard can be used for skateboarding and also for transportation. Since it is light weight, it can be carried from one place to another under your arm all day without issue. The deck of this board is made from thrift wood which provides durability at a low cost. People have gifted the skateboard to their sons and daughters as a starter board. They claim that it is a great brand and components are wonderful too. The specifications of the Section include 7.5 deck size and 50mm Element section wheels. The users don’t need to assemble the product after the purchase as it comes fully assembled, which makes it an awesome choice for starters who don’t want to mess around with this kind of thing.

Element skateboards have been ranked as the top favorite on many online platforms. This is because they have high quality and functionality as compared to the other brands. Moreover, since the company feels that it needs to be environment friendly, it only makes use of thrift wood decks. The design of the ELEMENT SECTION Complete SKATEBOARD is interesting too as they make use of simple, crisp clean imagery with complementary colors.

The deck size is 7.75 x31.5.  Wider decks are known to provide greater stability and sport while ramp skating. Usually the standard decks are around 28 inches long. Since it is a skateboard and not a longboard, the Element Section falls below the 36+ inches.

This board also comes with a Black diamond Grip tape. Grip tape is basically a sheet of paper with adhesive on one side.  This ensures that the rider stays on the board and doesn’t slip while doing tricks. The grip tape of this skateboard is black but it may also come in various colors depending on the design of the skateboard.

It is highly recommended that users who are purchasing should also invest in gloves, wrist guards and elbow pads to protect themselves during skateboarding. Special footwear is also available for skateboard lovers. If you want to purchase ELEMENT SECTION Complete SKATEBOARD, then you must also invest in protective helmet. The helmet is known to cover the forehead, ears and the back of the skull.

Many online retailer websites like EBay and Amazon are offering interesting discounts and offers on ELEMENT SECTION Complete SKATEBOARD. Do check out these websites to get access to interesting offers. Amazon.com is also providing free shipment within US. In case you want to inquire something from the company, Element ensures that all queries are taken seriously and they are always present for their customers.

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