EIGHTBIT 41 Inch Drop Deck Longboard Review

eightbit 41 inchEIGHTBIT 41 Inch Drop Deck Longboard is an affordable skateboard with high quality features. It has an awesome minimalist design and has been received with almost exclusively brilliant reviews everywhere. Compared to its competition in the market, the longboard provides better control, stability and performance. The deck flexes nicely and the trucks function smoothly. This board is ideal for travelling and to perform various tricks as well as being designed for long term use and cruising on longer journeys.

The product’s specifications include a high quality 8-ply maple deck with ABEC -7 Bearings. These bearings are heavy duty and can withstand pressure. Moreover, the trucks are electrostatic-coated 180mm aluminium alloys.  There is no need to assemble the product as it comes fully assembled. The company offers one year warranty on EIGHTBIT 41 Inch Drop Deck Longboard. However not many consumers have utilized the warranty as the product hardly disappoints. This model has been spoken about a lot as possibly the most affordable, and best value for money longboard in the market. Its features are high quality and it is extremely durable.

People who have bought this product for the first time are extremely satisfied with EIGHTBIT 41 Inch Drop Deck Longboard. They say that it’s easy to learn skateboarding on this board. Moreover this board can be used to commute and to do safe tricks as well. Its specialty is that it can go over big rocks and cracks without any trouble. Most of the consumers have used EIGHTBIT 41 Inch Drop Deck Longboard to go over hills and found it extremely easy to carve around.

The board is designed in a drop style which lowers the center of gravity to give users more control and stability while riding the Drop Deck Longboard. Consumers have given it a 8/10 rating on Durability, weight, appearance, stability and speed, which is more than satisfactory when you consider the price.  If you are looking for great aesthetics and good bearings then EIGHTBIT 41 Inch Drop Deck Longboard is a great option. The wheels are soft which is good as they can absorb vibration. However such wheels can wear out quickly.

With high performing features it comes with stylish design which makes it stand out from the clutter of other skateboards. It doesn’t make use of any cheap sticker for its design. The EIGHTBIT Longboard is a versatile board that can satisfy the thrill for beginners all the way through to immediate level riders. This Longboard has a low learning curve and very little barrier for entry even for beginners, and is also safer compared to the other boards. Once the rider learns how to use it, it will be a tremendous experience

Websites such as amazon and other skating communities can also be checked to know more about EIGHTBIT 41 Inch Drop Deck Longboard. People who have bought this Board also invest in useful safety gears. These safety gears include Knee and Wrist guards.  If you are learning skateboarding on EIGHTBIT for the first time, then it is essential for you to purchase the helmet as well.

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