Best Skateboard Bearing Lubricants

speedcreaamWhile skateboard bearings can last, there is still need to take care of them if you really want to get the most from your money. Without this, you would find yourself purchasing new bearings every now and then. Not only that, your skateboard may become slow and not so smooth. And there is that annoying sound you will hear every time you are cruising.

To avoid all that, you will need to lubricate your bearings. This will make them last longer and increase your speed. But since not all lubricants are made the same way, you will only want to spend your money on the best ones. In this article, you will discover the best skateboard bearing lubricants worth investing in.

Bones Speed Cream Skate Bearing Lubricant

Ask anyone who has been skating for years which is the best skateboard bearing lubricant, and there is a 0.9 probability they will say Bones Speed Cream. It works flawlessly and you will notice the improvement in your skateboard right away.

This is a low viscosity lubricant which is better that many Teflon based lubricants. You will realize that hitting top speed takes less effort as friction is reduced significantly. Furthermore, your skateboard will also run very smoothly. And for your information, this lube also prevents against corrosion.

If you have never used a bearing lubricant before, there is no need to worry. Applying the Bones Speed Cream is very easy and it does an effective job at the same time, it’s still the best lubricant on the market.

Cheetah Oil 1oz Tube Bearing Lubricant

An alternative to the Bones Speed Cream is the Cheetah oil lubricant. Although you will not skate faster than a cheetah, you will still be able to feel the change in speed. At the same time, you will also notice how smooth the skateboard will become.

Apart from reducing friction, it also keeps your bearings free from rust. If you were scared of your skateboard locking up and launching you into the ground, you will have a piece of mind with this.

Just like with the previous lubricant, applying this is also easy. Even better, it is compatible with all kinds of bearings. Overall, it is a great lube you can also consider spending your money on.

Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant

For those wanting even more options, take a look at the Tri-Flow Superior lubricant. It is used in a range of devices like bicycles, sewing machines etc. And for skateboard bearings, it also makes a great lubricant.

Although it might not compare to the Bones speed cream or Cheetah oil lubricant, you will still be impressed with how it works. It too prevents rust and corrosion,

One thing I love about this is that it comes at a great price. Considering how good it is, I would not mind recommending it to anyone.

These are some of the best skateboard bearing lubricants your money can get. If you are serious about skating, getting one of these will prove to be a good decision. Your bearings will last longer and your ride will be smooth. 

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