The Best Longboards on The Market

santa cruz skullWhen many people think of skateboarding, the uneducated mind may think that it is a very one dimensional pursuit, yet nothing could be further from the street. There are so many different types of skating, be it on the vert ramp, on the street or just simply cruising. With that wide range of styles, comes a wide range of boards, and many increase and decrease in popularity through the years. One that is enjoying a really strong resurgent over the last few years is the longboard.

The first question you may find yourself asking is, what is a longboard? Well believe it or not its a board that is much longer in length than your traditional skateboard, yes we know your probably shocked by that (detect slight sarcasm). Longboards are pretty much the perfect cruising board, as the bigger wheels they have make them much quicker. Downhill racers and slalom competitors will all favour them. They will usually only have a kick tail at the rear of the board, giving them the look of a very large retro style skateboard. You get a variety of different deck shapes depending on if you want your long board to be a great cruiser, and slalom competition board, a downhill racer or anything else. Deck shapes and truck placement will be altered accordingly dependant on weather you need speed, mobility or comfort.

Be sure to check our comprehensive longboard reviews, as we will cover more about the deck shape, and what the longboard is best used for in more depth. To give you a flavour though, and an idea of a good place to get started we have listed below what we consider to be the best longboards We have tried to balance our list with high quality longboards, value for money and best longboards for beginners. As we said the type you want will depend on if you are carving, cruising, downhill longboarding or many other things.

Best Longboards for Beginners

We start off with a suggestion that we think is one of the bets longboards for a beginner. If you are just starting on a longboard you want something that is going to get you used to its large size. You want soft wheels and smooth bearings so as you can guarantee a consistent roll when your coming to grips with it. Also durability will be key as boards tend to take more wear and tear when you’re learning, plus you want to have mastered certain aspects of it before you shell out on a upgraded board. You want something longer and wider as well, so you can become more confident with the balance and where to position your feet, and to begin with, the more room you have for this the better. All the while you want that combined with a decent price, and good value.

The first longboard for beginners we want to talk about it the Santa Cruz Sugar Skull, complete longboard. The deck is fantastical durable and looks mean and intimidating form the super slick artwork. You get good quality trucks and wheels right from the start, so you are ready to get on the road straight away. In terms of length you get 43.5 inches and 9.9 inches of width. A great size that balances responsive control with a big platform to find your feet on. It is one of the bigger beginner longboards that we recommend. Being that it is a complete deck it is a bit more expensive, but still superb value. The trucks and wheels are top class, and the bearings are good enough for a beginner. You may want to change them once you’ve settled on the board, but all the other components are close to perfect in terms of a great longboard for beginners.

If you are looking to do a custom job for your first longboard, and don’t want one that is already completed, We think the sector 9 Hot Steppa deliver all the desired credential for being one of the best longboard decks  for beginners. Great value at well under is just the first ticked box. It is over 32 inches long and over 8 inches wide, delivering a good sized deck to master longboarding on. The bamboo deck wear really well, and the artwork is super cool. You will definitely stand out with this, and can rely on it to take a good amount if usage. You can see a list of the bets wheels for longboards, best trucks for longboards here on the site.

Next up in our discussion on the best longboards, we bring you what we think is one of the best longboards for downhill racing. If you are all about speed, and competition on your longboard, then we think we have found a great option. We found so many great boards for downhill but didn’t want to cram them into one article. Yet the Globe Geminon was our stand out option we chose to go with.

Downhill obviously has a supreme need for speed, but stability and reliability is also key. You do not want anything to go wrong when travelling up to 40-50 mph. Your bearings will need to be super smooth and your wheels give you great grip. Finally it has to be low to the ground, weighty to keep it stable and wide. We think the Globe Geminon gives you this.

41Inches in length and 10 inches wide certainly cover the size aspect, and as a result gives you great weight for keeping you central. The slightly concaved drop down style deck has the centre point of the board sitting low to the tarmac, again giving you great stability and balance all coming from that low centre of gravity. You get a high standard of grip tape already applied and you can feel secure in the 78mm wheels. They roll very smoothly helped along by some high quality bearings and the staying power of the 180 mm reverse kingpin trucks. Highly recommended by us, and the 5 star average rating on Amazon. Superb.

The final longboards we want to offer on our list of best longboards, is what we think is one of the best longboards for cruising. Again there are so many top quality cruising longboards that we could not fit them all in this article, but will be compiling a list of the best longboards for cruising very son, that you can find on a happy medium.

Cruising longboards characteristics can be a bit of a matter for debate, but there are some that can not be denied. You need large wheels, that are soft for great ride comfort, Quality carving trucks and a wide deck that offers lots of room. You also want something that is durable, and can last a very long time without diminishing its ride quality. A lot of people you see can pop and throw around their cruisers, but I prefer one that’s a bit heavier. It takes a bit to get it on the move but once you do, it s natural weight carries it forward at a consistent pace, and keep it steady. The Best longboard for cruising we chose to put in this article is the quest Super Cruiser.

The price offered for this board on Amazon at the minute is staggering, and for this level of quality is simply a must have right now. What do you get for your money? Well you get a beautiful 44 inch long plywood and bamboo deck, with a kick tail. These offer unreal durability, with great balance, manoeuvrability and comfort all in one. To be honest any board that has been reviewed 538 times on a site such as Amazon, and still has 4 and a ½ stars, is recognised as supreme quality. The 70mm Pu wheels are very durable, so you will get great reward no matter how many miles you  rack up on it. The trucks may not be the largest, just 7mm, but they are hard wearing and give you great cornering for when you are cruising. It still offers more than suitable stability as well, so they need not worry you. We would also advise this as a perfect beginner longboard if you are looking to primarily cruise.

longboarding has a wealth of options, and happy medium will make sure we cover all manner of individual product reviews, as well as bringing you more in depth list style articles on the best longboards for whatever style you want to take up. Until then, happy skating.

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