Airwalk Rocket Series A Cruiser Board Review

rocket aSkateboarding is an action sport and also a great way to spend your time. People opt for skateboarding when they want to transport themselves from one place to another, while others use skateboards to perform tricks and various acrobatics.

Airwalk Rocket Series a Cruiser Board is a great board available in the market right now. It allows easy skating for beginners and can also be used by professionals as well.  The deck measures to be around 27.5” x 8.25”. As you can see from the photo, it has a vibrant design and stands out among many of the less exciting designs we’re seeing on the market over and over again.

The dimensions of the Airwalk Rocket Series a Cruiser Board allows its users to comfortably stand on it and cruise around. Moreover the quality of the deck is excellent. The wood used for the construction of the deck is Canadian maple wood. This type of wood is known to withstand scratches and is very durable.

The company has given the Series A Cruiser Board 61mm/80A wheels which they claim are perfect for skating on sidewalks and streets.  If you are looking for a stable pivot cups, then this board comes with Polyurethane bushings and 133 cruiser trucks which makes the ride easier and lightweight. Moreover the board comes with a single kick tail which can help riders to pick up the board after a long cruise and even great for slowing down.

The company Airwalk is an old player in the market now. It has been associated with action sports for quite some time now. This is the reason why many sports lovers adore their products and are loyal towards their products. If you want a product that is quality and has a heritage of value then you must invest in Airwalk Rocket Series a Cruiser Board.

Many Online retailers are providing offers and discounts on the product. However is providing shipping only within US of this product. If you are outside US then you may not be able to use as your retailer.

The reviews of the product, as you can see if you head to the product page, are currently averaging out at an incredible 5/5 stars. The quality on offer here is impressive, especially when you look at the price tag, as this is a fraction of the cost of some other boards that you may be considering. If you want something under $50 then you can’t really go wrong with this.

This exceptional Cruiser Board is being offered at a great price and shipping offers by Amazon currently.

Check out the current price of the board here on Amazon.

Airwalk Rocket Series a Cruiser Board is a great gift idea for birthday, graduation and holiday gift for die heart skateboard fans.

This Skateboard is a good choice for younger people looking to get into the sport but is suitable for all ages – It is not wrong to state that Airwalk Rocket Series a Cruiser Board is safe to be used by adults as it possesses an elongated plate and allows for a maximum load of 100kg, which is a pretty sizeable adult.

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